Israel bans Heinz Ketchup Cites Links To Liver, Pancreas, Immune System, and Brain Issues

    By The Editor  Published: June 12, 2017

    Health Nut News — The food industry only allows it to be sold as “tomato seasoning”, not “tomato ketchup”. Triggered by a series of tests conducted by an Israeli food company also selling ketchup. The tests revealed that, although Heinz boasts over 60% tomato as an ingredient, there was only 21% tomato concentrate in each bottle.

    The Heinz parent company, Diplomat, tried to argue that their proportions of tomato concentrate were acceptable according to American and European ketchup standards. At that point, the Israeli health ministry got involved and insisted that Heinz must change their labels from “ketchup” to “tomato seasoning” if they want to continue selling their popular product in the country.

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