Opening the Pit? Swarm of UFO’s Hover over Yellowstone Super Volcano

    By Nate  Published: August 29, 2016


    Chilling footage reveals several large UFOs flying over the gigantic Yellowstone super-volcano which alien hunters now suggest may be an alien base. Sweeping through the clouds above Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming appears what looks to be a massive flying cylinder more than 300 feet long (100 meters) above a gigantic super-volcano that has been dormant for over 70,000 years.

    While scientists have long speculated that an eruption of the massive volcano could kill some 100,000 people and ignite a nuclear winter, UFO hunters now believe that the explosive mound of molten lava serves as a feeding source for alien life forms drawing on the volcanic energy. Live footage monitoring the park captured a “fleet” of flying saucers hovering past the volcano. The footage, shared by Jeanette Forester via YouTube is what she describes as a “once in a lifetime” video that she believes shows the presence of extraterrestrial beings. Forrester herself is far from an alien enthusiast having routinely shot footage of Yellowstone National Park, but having never posted video of a UFO sighting. The footage was subsequently handed off to well-known “UFO hunter” Scott C. Waring who analyzed the video.



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