Ready For Lab Grown Meat?

    By Nate  Published: May 17, 2017


    Within as little as five years, scientists plan on producing fake beef.

    Companies such as Tyson, Memphis Meats, and Mosa Meats have brought down the price of lab-grown beef, and they are planning to execute their agenda of getting their fake beef on shelves within as little as five years.

    Learn More about the unnatural food the establishment plans on producing for the populace of America 

    In 2013, the price for just five ounces of fake meat was around $325,000, but now, just a few years later the same five ounces costs roughly $11.36, that’s an enormous drop in pricing, and thus proves just how soon the lab-grown alternative will hit shelves.

    Scientists want humans to consume fake meat because of the environment:

    Switching to in vitro meat will also have major environmental benefits. Today, the industrial food system’s objective is to meet the growing demand for food by raising livestock on a small amount of land and producing meat at a very affordable price. This has led to mass production livestock farms that emit massive amounts of greenhouse gases. Growing meat in labs could reduce this by 90 percent and lower land use by 99 percent. – Read More

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