Prominent Scientist Admits They Made Up A ‘Creation Myth’ Based on Scientific Faith With No Intellectual Value

    By Emily  Published: September 29, 2016

    Scientists now admit that their take on creation is nothing but a myth, just as dependent upon faith as our Christian belief in God creating the world as stated in Genesis. The downright fascination of discovering the beginning of the universe has engulfed many good minds, leading them down a road that they were never destined to go down. Now one scientist has opened up by admitting science is dependent upon faith.

    Mark Harrison is a geologist at the University of California at Los Angeles who has been studying the rocks supposedly brought back to Earth from the Apollo moon mission. After studying the current Hadean creation ideology, Harrison came to the startling conclusion that scientists are all wrong on the creation myth that they have accumulated and force fed students for decades. In a recent interview he stated,

    “We as a scientific community created an origin myth that has no more intellectual value than 1 Genesis. Although we’re very quick to criticize those that operate on faith, that’s exactly what we did.”

    This brings into question many more scientific findings, as well as whether or not science is a form of religion or faith. The admission by Harrison adds more to the growing list of evidence that science is an entrance to a faith that goes against our very creator, Satanism. The blatant mixing of theology with science is apparent in symbolism and in such findings as the Higgs Boson also known as the “god particle.” For an in depth take on this, please check out the video above.

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