Scientists Will Now Alter Weather Over Arizona – Chemtrails Added To Cloud Atlas

    By The Editor  Published: March 28, 2017


    The Guardian — Harvard engineers who launched the world’s biggest solar geoengineering research program may get a dangerous boost from Donald Trump, environmental organizations are warning.

    Under the Trump administration, enthusiasm appears to be growing for the controversial technology of solar geo-engineering, which aims to spray sulphate particles into the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s radiation back to space and decrease the temperature of Earth.

    Sometime in 2018, Harvard engineers David Keith and Frank Keutsch hope to test spraying from a high-altitude balloon over Arizona, in order to assess the risks and benefits of deployment on a larger scale.

    Keith cancelled a similar planned experiment in New Mexico in 2012, but announced he was ready for field testing at a geoengineering forum in Washington on Friday.

    “The context for discussing solar geoengineering research has changed substantially since we planned and funded this forum nearly one year ago,” a forum briefing paper noted.

    While geoengineering received little favour under Obama, high-level officials within the Trump administration have been long-time advocates for planetary-scale manipulation of Earth systems.

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at DailyMail

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    Thank you for covering this urgent issue. I have noticed where I am af in Texas , there has been massive spraying. I have started… Read more »

    ray jones
    ray jones

    they will stop when 95% percent of us are dead!!!


    They have already been spraying the crap for atleast a year or more in Florida and that is the cause of warmer temperatures and bipolar… Read more »


    The world needs to wake up and STOP tampering with nature and human genes/DNA. We are returning to the days of Noah with this mess… Read more »