Secret Illuminati Headquarters Discovered? Hideout Shrouded in Mystery Potentially Home to The New World Order

    By Nate  Published: January 31, 2017

    Bouvet Island, the uninhabited, volcanic, Antarctic island is to this day, according to the CIA uninhabited. However, the island is home to a top-level internet country domain code .bv and is shrouded in several recent unsolved mysteries.

    If the island is uninhabited, then why in the world are servers located on the island? According to the norse cyber warfare tracker, many of the massive attacks originate from this mysterious island, meaning that there is to a degree some form of infrastructure there. Reason being, you need both electricity and internet connectivity. Whether it be by satellite or by internet cable, this mysterious island is somehow connected to the world wide web.

    To add to the original mystery of how the island is connected, the norse website has given the island a mil/gov ip code. That means somehow this island is tied to the United States government – even though the CIA fact book states that this island is uninhabited and that it is a Norway territory.

    The CIA fact book states: This uninhabited, volcanic, Antarctic island is almost entirely covered by glaciers making it difficult to approach; it is recognized as the most remote island on Earth. Bouvet Island was discovered in 1739 by a French naval officer after whom it is named. No claim was made until 1825, when the British flag was raised. In 1928, the UK waived its claim in favor of Norway, which had occupied the island the previous year. In 1971, Norway designated Bouvet Island and the adjacent territorial waters a nature reserve. Since 1977, Norway has run an automated meteorological station and studied foraging strategies and distribution of fur seals and penguins on the island. In February 2006, an earthquake weakened the station’s foundation causing it to be blown out to sea in a winter storm. Norway erected a new research station in 2014 that can hold six people for periods of two to four months.


    Yet another mystery shrouds the island, why in the world is a row boat parked in a lagoon? And how in the world did it get there?


    Is this island a secret military base? Or is this a secret headquarters for the New World Order? What say you reader.

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