Study: Fish Turning Transgender Due to Contraceptive Pills, Chemicals From Household Drains

    By Nate  Published: July 3, 2017

    As it turns out what you dump down the drain is having an effect on fish. They’re becoming transgender. Chemicals in the water are feminizing male fish, and even causing male fish to produce eggs.

    A new study taken in the UK proves a long held conspiracy, “they’re turning the frogs gay.”

    The research was published by Charles Tyler of the University of Exter and can be seen below;

    Research by Professor Charles Tyler, a leading fish physiologist and eco-toxicologist from the University of Exeter, has shown male fresh-water fish are displaying ‘feminised’ traits, demonstrating ‘female’ behaviour and even producing eggs.

    The chemicals causing these effects are flushed down the loo and include ingredients in the contraceptive pill, and by-products of cleaning agents, plastics, and cosmetics.

    Professor Tyler will present his findings in the opening lecture of the 50th Anniversary Symposium of the Fisheries Society in the British Isles, held in Exeter University 3-7 July 2017.

    The week-long symposium will include papers from international experts on fish physiology and behaviour, and discuss the threats fish populations face from over fishing, climate change and human pollution.

    Professor Tyler’s lecture the Feminisation of Nature – an Unnatural History is the keynote speech at the international symposium on Monday 3 July.

    The Exeter University scientist will explain how 20 per cent of male fresh-water fish, such as roach, tested at 50 sites, had feminine characteristics.

    Some male fish have reduced sperm quality and display less aggressive and competitive behaviour, usually associated with attracting females of the species, which makes them less likely to breed successfully.

    Professor Charles Tyler, in his keynote lecture on the impact of chemicals on fish, will also explain that the offspring and grandchildren of transgendered fish can be more sensitised to the effects of those chemicals in subsequent exposures.

    Over 200 chemicals from sewage plants have been identified with oestrogen-like effects. Some not only are creating ‘trans-gender’ fish but effecting fish physiology in surprising ways.

    Drugs such as anti-depressants are also altering fish’s natural behaviour.

    — University of Exter

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    Just another reason to reject artificial contraception.