Study: People Who Identify as ‘Religious’ are Instinctual and ‘To Be Intelligent’ is Rising Above Instincts

    By Nate  Published: May 17, 2017


    Scientists and psychologists are now calling religious people instinctual and stating that to be intelligent is to rise above instincts. In other words, individuals who hold religious beliefs are not smart and to be smart; you can’t be religious.

    First came the attack that science was attempting to label all Christians as ‘crazy,’ now they’re stooping to the level that we all just must be too stupid to believe the ever changing lies of science rather than the continual never-changing God and His Word.

    From Stephen Hawking to Alan Turing, many of the most intelligent people in the world are atheists.

    In the hope of understanding the link between intelligence and religion, researchers have created a model based on historical evidence and a recent survey.

    The findings suggest that religion should be considered an instinct, with intelligence the ability to rise above one’s instincts.

    Researchers from the Ulster Institute for Social Research and Rotterdam University were interested in understanding whether religion is something that evolved, or is instinctive.

    The team created a model, called the Intelligence-Mismatch Association Model, which tries to explain why intelligence seems to be negatively associated with being religious.

    Their model is based on the ideas of evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa’s Savanna-IQ Principle.

    This principle indicates that human behaviour will always be somehow anchored in the environment in which their ancestors developed.

    The researchers argue that religion should be seen as a separate evolved domain or instinct, whereas intelligence allows people to rise above their instincts. –Read More

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