Teaching Biblical Truth to Your Children Could Get Them Taken Away

    By Nate  Published: June 27, 2017

    A massive crisis for Christians in Canada opened up just last week, teaching your child Biblical Truth, such as Biblical biology, could result in their children being taken away.

    According to Charisma News; 

    It was back in 2012 that “gender identity and gender expression” were added to Ontario’s Human Rights Code, making Ontario the first jurisdiction in North America to pass such a law.

    With that initial snowball, the avalanche got rolling.

    Facilitated by a majority government and a lame duck opposition, the following bills sailed through to provincial law in Ontario:

    Bill 13, also in 2012, compelled public schools to have gay-straight alliances and demanded schools combat “homophobia” and “transphobia.”
    Bill 77 in 2015 prohibited particular forms of therapy for minors who struggle with gender dysphoria or other aspects of their sexuality, against the advice of numerous psychiatrists and counselors.
    Bill 28, which passed into law in December 2016, removed the terms “mother” and “father” from Ontario law, and permits “pre-conception agreements” allowing four unrelated and unmarried people to become parents.

    All of this led to the Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, which passed into law just over a week ago. It is still commonly called Bill 89.

    Bill 89 is a child protection bill that aims to make changes to the foster care and adoption system across Ontario. It regulates the Children’s Aid Societies, which includes over 40 organizations across the province responsible for responding to child protection concerns.

    According to the aforementioned, it was one small step that ended in a cascade of events which have resulted in Bill 89. In America, similar small steps are being taken which could result in the same outcome, one example is a recent internal memo issued by the Department of Education’s acting assistant secretary for civil rights, Candice Jackson.

    The Liberty Counsel made known the possible outcomes of said internal memo;

    Although the memo seems to suggest that schools would not be investigated for preventing transgender children from using bathroom and locker rooms consistent with their perceived gender, the memo leaves open the possibility that investigators could assert “subject matter jurisdiction” and investigate cases that involve a refusal to “use a transgender student’s preferred name or pronouns when the school uses preferred names for gender-conforming students or when the refusal is motivated by animus toward people who do not conform to sex stereotypes.” – More

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