The ‘Seas Are Smoking’ – Apocalyptic wall of Icy Fog above Lake Superior, Cape Cod, New Hampshire and More

    By Nate  Published: December 25, 2016


    From Lake Ontario, to Lake Superior, Cape Cod, to New Hampshire and so on; the Seas were smoking.

    Sea smoke, frost smoke, or steam fog, is fog which is formed when very cold air moves over warmer water. Arctic sea smoke is sea smoke forming over small patches of open water in sea ice.

    It forms when a light wind of very cold air mixes with a shallow layer of saturated warm air immediately above the warmer water. The warmer air is cooled beyond the dew point and can no longer hold as much water vapor, so the excess condenses out. The effect is similar to the “steam” produced over a hot bath or a hot drink, or even an exercising person.

    The temperature of the water in Lake Ontario was warmer than the temperature of the air above it. When that happens, it causes a marine layer called “sea smoke” to form over the lake.

    Temperatures in Minnesota quickly dropped well below zero on Dec. 18, colliding with the much warmer waters of Lake Superior to create this amazing natural phenomenon.

    Sea Smoke is a rare, and ominous phenomenon, while sea smoke is a reminder of the times at hand, let us just be reminded of the Almighty and His omniscient power and beauty and the creations of His hands.

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