The Wire: June 8th The Day of Non-Stop Bombshells – The Deep State Defeated, Pope Claims God is Not God Without Man, and So Much More

    By Nate  Published: June 9, 2017

    Welcome to the Christian Journal Wire, you can listen to this broadcast by either listening to the embedded podcast above – or you can watch along on YouTube. To gain access to all of the reports used in today’s broadcast, please see here.

    In tonight’s episode of the Wire, we covered today’s events ranging from The Comey Bombshells to Pope Francis claiming that “God is not God without man.” June 8th, 2017 will be known as the day that the record was finally set straight – The liberal witch hunt is all based on hot air and distractions.

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    Nate BrownJimBrother StevenStonecolddan Recent comment authors

    Well done Nate Brown…I really enjoy listening to your world news broadcasts! Thank you for keeping us Christians in the know!!!

    Brother Steven

    Also,..ref: the Pope…Born Again Christians who know the Bible and the Holy Spirit….have no difficulty pointing out that the Pope does not know the God… Read more »

    Brother Steven

    I enjoyed the audio Program…it was informative and purely straight Christian. It was refreshing…I’m glad to see there are a few Zealots still left in… Read more »


    The whore of babylon


    God is our God and always be – that said – God created all things and man and women so that means man will always… Read more »