The death of 3,000 people is now a joke!? Here are the Top 3 Satanic 9/11 Promotions of 2016

    By Emily  Published: September 12, 2016


    The audacity of several large corporations won’t cease to amaze you, these three companies thought it would be okay to make light of 9/11 through their promotions.

    Papa John’s is apologizing after an Ohio-based franchise launched an “extremely insensitive” promotion to sell large pizzas on the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11.
    The promotion was called “9/11 Remembrance” and pictured five pizzas and a statement that said, “Never Forget, In Memory of Those We Have Lost, United We Shall Always Stand! Enjoy ANY LARGE PIZZA for $9.11.” The corresponding promo code was listed as “911RMBR.”

    Papa John’s is not the first business to offer a controversial promotion on 9/11.

    Just a few days ago, a Florida Walmart was under fire for creating a Coke display in the shape of the Twin Towers.

    A mattress store in Texas also created a Twin Towers sale promotion that showed mattresses stacked in the shape of the Twin Towers while a woman announces a sale for all mattresses at a “twin price,” CNN reported. CNN has also reported the mattress store has shut down since the advertisement.

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