Trump Advisers Urge Obama to Call Off ‘Professional’ Protesters

    By Nate  Published: November 13, 2016

    Two of President-elect Donald Trump’s closest advisers dismissed the thousands of people protesting his victory as “professional” rabble-rousers and called on President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to intervene.

    “I’m not sure these are even Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama supporters,” former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” citing an incident where people were “banging on my car.” “These people are, you know, kind of like professional protesters more.”

    Senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said on “Fox News Sunday” that Obama, Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders and others should “come forward and ask for calm and ask for a peaceful transition, and ask their supporters which are masquerading as protesters now — many of them professional and paid by the way, I’m sure — ask them to give this man a chance so that this country can flourish.”

    Giuliani, said to be a candidate for attorney general in Trump’s administration, and Conway didn’t offer evidence that any protesters are paid professionals. Trump used similar language on Twitter last week. The Associated Press reported that tens of thousands of people marched in more than a dozen large and small cities across the country, including Iowa City, Iowa, and Worcester, Massachusetts, as well as New York and Los Angeles.

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