Ukraine the First to Implement the Mark of the Beast? Telecom Giant Etisalat Unveils New Injectable Microchips

    By Nate  Published: December 5, 2016


    A day is coming when the Mark of the Beast will be fully implemented, and it looks like Ukraine is set to take the first dive. Telecom giant Etisalat, showcased a “new” technology, injectable microchips.

    (7DAYS) — It might sound like something from a dystopian science fiction fantasy but you could soon be able to pay for goods and services with a microchip that is embedded in your hand, according to Etisalat officials.

    The UAE telecoms giant unveiled new injectable microchips, which store all your credit card, ID and business card data inside, for the first time in the Middle East at GITEX 2016 in Dubai.

    The technique is called bio-hacking, where an alien device is embedded on the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger using a special syringe, medical tattoo artist Hazim Naori told 7DAYS.

    “We clean the skin with sanitiser and after this we put the marks exactly where we want to pierce it,” he said.

    “We insert the needle under the skin with a part of the need that pushes it in, and that’s where it settles and it needs a week or two to heal.”

    Naori performed the implant for the first time on October 7 on George Held, from Etisalat’s Innovation team.

    Speaking about the implantation, he said: “It’s like a piercing, it doesn’t hurt, but it feels a bit uncomfortable for the first day. The bio-hacking improves and enhances your body and will be not just a wearable device, but a device within yourself. You cannot replace or lose it, if you have an accident it’s still with you.” — (Read More)

    Will Ukraine be the first to fall? Other nations such as Australia have planned to implement microchips as well, but have thus far failed. Other tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple are applying the “next phase” of banking, which is the stage just before the Mark of the Beast. However, Etisalat is the first to offer – the microchip entirely.

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    Crazy times we are in. I will never take the mark of the beast!!