Is Unrest Coming To The United States? Conservatives Warned To Prepare for Approaching Danger

    By Nate  Published: June 19, 2017


    The congressional shooting that took place last week is potentially just the beginning of more violent outbursts to come from outraged politically-saturated, tolerant liberals.

    However, this turmoil is more than just left versus right because as many have noticed within the current political state of America, the Republican Party is also divided because of the current legally elected occupant in the White House, the President, Donald J. Trump.

    However, it’s not just Washington hound-dogs that are obsessed with the political outsider, rather so is the mainstream media and their followers. Since Trump took office in January, one can barely tell that we are half way through his first year because the media and the political left are all acting as though it’s still November 2016. What can be understood by the refusal to accept that Trump is president is the fact that, that those who opposed Trump are actually traumatized by his victory.

    Now wait, no one is saying the cry-baby left is a victim of Trump, but in reality, this is called shock-based learning. The repercussions of such can explain the division in America. For so many years, especially the eight years under Obama, America was moving in one direction – left. Now, it’s a hard right.

    The refusal to accept reality has lead to the creation of new terror groups such as Antifa. The people of these organizations have been indoctrinated with one ideology, and anything outside of their understanding of is being treated as a threat to their lives with the mainstream media fueling the flames.

    America used to be the land of ‘agree to disagree,’ where two people can respect the humanity of that person yet entirely disagree with every single thing they said, and carry on side by side. However, with the ever polarizing shift that has taken place, the disagreements are getting out of hand, why?

    Again, it comes back to humanity. For so long America has had a moral compass, in large part the morality of America was based on the Bible and out country has followed that ever since – however, as of this generation and the one prior Americans are being force-fed evolution.

    How in the world does evolution have anything to do with politics?

    Evolution can be summed up into this line; you are not a human you are just another animal. An increasing number of Americans believe this, and this in large part can explain why America has lost its moral compass, this in large part can explain why America is no longer the land of “agreeing to disagree,” but rather the land of “I’m right your wrong, otherwise you’re threatening my life.” The ideology of evolution is in direct opposition to creationism where each human is special, and the second that is removed from our understanding is the second a tyrannical overreaching government can cull the heard.

    Why should conservatives be so concerned?

    Because simply put, that ‘I’m right and your wrong ideology, is silencing conservatives in public places, Christians are being thrown out of the public marketplace, and any speech the Left opposes is labeled hate speech. The ‘tolerant’ left is overthrowing the first amendment through their actions, and that will lead to a civil war in America.

    What say you reader?

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