US congresswoman advocates impeaching Trump because Putin’s attacking… Korea?

    By Nate  Published: February 7, 2017

    What in the world is going on? Literally a United States sitting congress woman accused Putin of… attacking Korea?

    Representative Maxine Waters has argued that US President Donald Trump will inevitably be impeached because of his alleged ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin who she claimed is “advancing in Korea.”

    So is this who is calling for the impeachment of Trump?

    Waters, a 13-term Democrat from Los Angeles, has called for Trump’s impeachment several times now, however she has yet to explicitly accuse the president of breaking the law.

    Speaking to reporters with other House Democrats, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Waters sought to explain why she is pushing for Trump’s impeachment less than a month into his term in the White House.

    “I am not calling for the impeachment yet. He’s doing it himself,” Waters claimed. – Read More

    Got it.. Because Putin is attacking Korea, right.




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