Well Known Pastor: Terror Attacks are a Signal for the End Times, Demonic Spirits to Blame for Terrorism

    By Nate  Published: June 8, 2017


    A well known Pastor in California claims that we are living in the End times, his reasoning, terrorism.

    Pastor and author Phil Hotsenpiller, who wrote “One Nation Without Law,” argues that terrorism is happening because of territorial spirits and Lawlessness.

    “Lawlessness is more than lawbreaking. It is a spirit that began with Lucifer before the creation of man and it runs completely through our Biblical narrative and history, culminating in Revelation chapter 18,” he said, according to CBN News.

    Pastor Phil of Influence Church in Orange County, California, revealed very interesting information about the recent terrorist attacks, he stated that the attacks are not random. Rather, he believes territorial spirits have something to do with acts of terror, and that these occur in places with a history of terrorist or violent activity.

    The Pastors evidence;

    “I looked at the police shooting in Dallas. That shooting was one three-tenths of a mile away from where JFK was shot,” he explained. “Then I looked at Munich 1972, where the Israeli Olympians were captured by a Palestinian terror group and assassinated and that was only about four-tenths of a mile from where the McDonald’s shooting took place last year.”

    “Then I looked at Manchester. In 1996, the Provisional Irish Republican Army detonated the largest bomb ever in the city center in Manchester—which was three tenths of a mile away from the Ariana Grande concert.”

    These events show the “repetitive nature of terror acts in the same places.” Territorial spirits stay in these places and “replicate their terror” when the time is right, he said.

    The Gospel Herald 

    The pastor states that to deal with the problem of terrorism and lawlessness, the church must step in and step up. As of right now, governments of the world cannot stop the attacks because, ultimately, the problem is of a spiritual nature, he explained in an article he wrote for Charisma News after the Manchester bombing.

    What say you reader?

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    I agree that the end is near, and that these “attacks” are related to evil spirits. That being said, most of these so called terror… Read more »