Wire: Archeologists Discover Clues in Search For The ‘Ark of the Covenant,’ US Company First to Offer RFID Implants, Minnesota To Segregate Students Opposed to Transgender Agenda

    By The Editor  Published: July 24, 2017


    Tonight on the Wire, archeologists in the hunt for the Ark of the Covenant find artifacts that could portray the actual location, a leading psychiatrist at John Hopkins University claims that transgenderism is a mental illness. Also, a US Major warned that Russia is no longer the single biggest threat to the US, rather North Korea, China, and Iran are top contenders. A Wisconsin Company will be the first to offer RFID implants to employees, all that and so much more tonight on The Wire.

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    But the Ark of the Covenant was moved by David from Shiloh to the Temple Mount. The Tent of Meeting was set up there until… Read more »