Wire: Brace for Impact – Serpent Technology ‘Comes to Life,’ Is The Superpower Showdown About to Begin?

    By The Editor  Published: April 18, 2017

    Welcome to the Christian Journal Wire, you can listen to this broadcast by either listening to the embedded podcast above – or you can watch along on YouTube. To gain access to all of the reports used in today’s broadcast, please see here.

    Futurists, technologists, and philosophers collectively called the ‘enlightened’ have set the stage for Serpent technology to come to life. Meanwhile, the world is on the cusp of a Superpower Showdown.

    Tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others are actively working with those who believe in Spiritual Technology, and are in large part working to bring about what is officially called the ‘Singularity,’ or in other words the convergence of man and machine.

    Globally it would appear as though the stage is set for yet another superpower showdown, and theoretically, all it would take to spark off the current tensions around the world is an impactful engineered crisis.

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