Wire: Unborn Children Are Now Jewelry, LGBT Attempting Remove Classification of Homosexuality As Biblical Sin

    By Nate  Published: June 11, 2017

    Welcome to the Christian Journal Wire, you can listen to this broadcast by either listening to the embedded podcast above – or you can watch along on YouTube. To gain access to all of the reports used in today’s broadcast, please see here.

    In tonight’s Wire, we cover several topics ranging from the LGBT community attempting to have homosexuality, transgenderism removed from ‘Sin List.’ In addition, an Australian company is turning fertilized human embryos — that is, children at the embryonic stage — into jewelry. As well as coverage of the anti-sharia law protests that were met with paid protestors and communists all across the country, and finally so much more – watch above to find out.

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    Try as they might, they will still have to answer to God one day. These are certainly perilous times that the Bible warned us about.


    Very informative Nate . keep up the resistance , perhaps if not for sites like like yours including non christian sites I would be one… Read more »