What in the World Just Appeared in the Clouds Over the World Trade Center Memorial?

    By Nate  Published: September 16, 2016


    Photographer Rich McCormack captured a strange image at the Tribute in Light memorial lights at the 9/11 site last week

    Photo By: Rich McCormack
    Photo By: Rich McCormack

    According to the Sun:

    But unlike other photographers, McCormack captured more than just beams of lights in the night sky.

    His snap which he posted on his Facebook page, has been interpreted by many users as an “angel”.

    The photographer, who can’t even explain the image, said he thought it looked like “a vision of the Lord (Jesus) with his arms crossed”.

    He told New Jersey 101.5: “I did a double-take not knowing really what it was, but as I zoomed in it almost looked liked a vision of the Lord with his arms crossed. I got very emotional, and I got tears in my eyes.”

    As Always FFT did an Error Level Analysis of the image to determine the legitimacy of the photograph. Tell us what you think below.

    Error Level Analysis
    Error Level Analysis

    See the ELA, here.

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    I looked at the pictures I don’t know what it is it could be Jesus or a demon all I do know for sure is… Read more »