Yet Another Deadly Police Shooting Sparks Protests This Time in El Cajon, California

    By Nate  Published: September 28, 2016

    A black man has died after police shot him in El Cajon, California, sparking protests in the suburb northeast of San Diego.

    On Tuesday afternoon, El Cajon police responded to a 911 call regarding an African-American man in his 30s who reportedly was behaving “erratically” behind a restaurant at the Broadway Village Shopping Center, Lt. Rob Ransweiler said.

    ‘Not acting like himself’

    According to the call, the man was “not acting like himself” and had been walking in traffic in a manner that endangered himself and motorists, police Chief Jeff Davis said.

    “When (officers) contacted him, he failed to comply with the directives that he was given,” Ransweiler said.

    Instead, Davis said the man kept his hands concealed in his pockets while pacing back and forth. As a second officer prepared a Taser, the man “rapidly drew an object,” placed both hands on it “like you would be holding a firearm” and stood in a “shooting stance,” according to police.

    In response, one officer fired his gun at the man, while a second officer discharged his Taser, Davis said. It’s not clear if the man was armed. According to Davis, investigators did not find a firearm at the scene of the shooting. Investigators did not say what object was found — or if it was a weapon.

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    BibleGuyDumpsterNate Recent comment authors

    Just heard about it if he’s not acting like himself is he under demonic possession just a guess.


    I had heard that the cops even confiscated peoples cell phones in the area if they had video recorded what happened, but I can’t confirm… Read more »

    Laurie Higgins

    Another protest… Seems very timed if you ask me. What I mean is that directly after the protests ended in North Carolina – this one… Read more »