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Google’s AI Research Facility Expands to Canada

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) has been up for debate for a long time. Creating something that can stand on par or be better than human intelligence carries a lot of risks that developers should be wary of. Fully understanding the potential for disaster, Google's drive to give the world everything it can offer has led them to expand the services and research facility of DeepMind to cover Canada.

Canada is Toast: B.C. baby first to get health card without gender marker

In what could be the first case in the world, a B.C. baby has been issued a health card with the letter “U” for a sex marker.

Teaching Biblical Truth to Your Children Could Get Them Taken Away

A massive crisis for Christians in Canada opened up just last week, teaching your child Biblical Truth, such as Biblical biology, could result in their children being taken away.
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Christians in Canada Shocked; Tyrannical Administration Bans Bible Verses Under New ‘Human Rights’ Code

The Battle River School Division, just east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is pushing Christians to censor Bible verses because they aren’t aligned with the 'agenda of tolerance.’

ALERT: Canada Passes Law That Allows Government to Seize Children From Christian Homes

Bill 89, the most tyrannical bill to date by the government of Ontario, allows the state to seize the children of Christian families that oppose the LGBTQI and gender ideology agenda.

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