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The End Of US Dominance? China Outlines Plan To ‘Rule The World’ in 30...

China has outlined their plan to overtake the United States on the world stage over the course of the next 30 years.

Communist China to Take Global Lead on “Climate Geoengineering”

For the past several years, independent researchers from across the globe have expressed a growing concern over the enthusiasm displayed by scientists at the...

Millions of American lives could be at stake as North Korea threatens to attack...

North Korea may very well have the ability to kill millions of Americans, without directly firing on U.S. soil. For the first time, the pariah country’s state news agency warned it could hit the U.S. with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) onslaught, a threat that experts contend is both very real and comes with catastrophic consequences.

South Korea conducts live-fire naval drills

South Korea’s navy has conducted a live-fire exercise in waters off the country’s eastern coast as Seoul continued its displays of military capability following North Korea’s latest nuclear test.
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Putin Echoes China in Spurning U.S. on North Korea Sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin again rejected U.S. calls for new sanctions against North Korea after its sixth and most powerful nuclear test, echoing China’s resistance to more punitive measures to pressure Pyongyang into abandoning its atomic and missile programs.

North Korea threat prompts Japan evacuation preparations

As tensions on the Korean Peninsula reach new heights with Pyongyang's latest nuclear test, Japan is planning for a possible mass evacuation of the nearly 60,000 Japanese citizens currently living in or visiting South Korea.

Haley- North Korea’s Kim Is ‘Begging For War’

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley says North Korea’s actions show that its leader, Kim Jong Un, is “begging for war,” and...

James Mattis Contradicts President Donald Trump- Always Diplomatic Options On North Korea – MSNBC

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis delivered a pithy response on Sunday to North Korea’s nuclear test earlier that day. This was the core of...
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Haley: North Korea shows it is ‘begging for war’

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley says North Korea’s actions show that its leader, Kim Jong Un, is “begging for war,” and the time has come for the Security Council to adopt the strongest diplomatic measures. Haley told an emergency session of the Security Council on Monday that “Enough is enough. War is never something the United States wants. We don’t want it now. But our country’s patience is not unlimited.”

Communist China is Leading the Charge on Eugenics Research, Designer Babies – Paving Way...

In the name of fighting diseases, China is justifying eugenics and is leading the way on gene selection rather than "people selection."

Breaking: North Korea Fired A Missile OVER Japan

North Korea fired a missile that passed over northern Japan early on Tuesday, the Japanese government said.

North Korea Releases New Propaganda Depicting Destruction of US Capitol

North Korea releases new propaganda just ahead of planned US and South Korean military drills on the Korean peninsula.

Rumors of The Second Korean War: China’s Ready for War Against the U.S. if...

Could a war carried out on the Korean Peninsula extend into a war between China and the United States? A war with China would be...

Your Move Kim Jung Un: North Korea Drawing Up Plans to Launch Mock Attack...

North Korean military officials stated Thursday that they are considering firing four missiles towards Guam.

War of Words or World at War? The North Korean Crisis Unfolds

A situation with North Korea could end the lives of millions in North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Guam, and many other nations; thus effectively making this crisis one that the world has not seen since approximately World War Two.

Another One? North Korea Fires Missile, Could Land in Japan’s Waters

North Korea is believed to have conducted a new missile launch, officials from three countries – Japan, South Korea and the US – confirmed on Friday.

‘Alien Baby’ Unearthed in Crimea With Elongated Skull

Dubbed the alien baby, archaeologists in Crimea have unearthed what appears to be a child with an elongated skull.

The Uk is Set To Ban All Gasoline Cars By 2040 and Tax Polluting...

In an effort to ‘stop pollution and curb climate change’ the UK is set to ban all new gasoline cars by 2040, and to implement new taxes onto busy roads for owners of the most polluting vehicles.

International Monetary Fund to Relocate Headquarters from United States to Communist China

Head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde says the organization may move its headquarters from Washington DC to Beijing in a decade if the growth trend in China and other major emerging markets continues.

Sweden, NATO To Hold Largest Military Readiness Drill in 20 Years

Sweden is preparing to hold what it calls the “first and largest” exercise of its kind in over 20 years involving all of its military branches as well as troops from several NATO countries, to boost its deterrence capabilities, the Swedish military said.

Brussels Preparing to Retaliate Against US Sanctions Imposed On Russia – Rise of the...

The US at the weekend approved new sanctions against Russia for playing a role in the 2016 elections. However, the penalties proposed also affect the European Union.

US General: Russia No Longer ‘Single’ Biggest Threat – North Korea, Iran, and China...

The 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff no longer considers Russia, America’s greatest threat, rather North Korea, Iran, and China are among the top concerns of the United States.

The State Department To Ban All Travel To North Korea in New Escalation

The State Department has yet to release a ban on travel to North Korea officially, however, according to two agencies that operate tours in North Korea, the ban would be announced on July 27th, 2017.

European Union Threatens Poland with Sanctions and Suspension of Voting Rights

The European Union has threatened to invoke Article 7, a move which could see Poland lose its voting priveledges in the political bloc and possibly face sanctions over recently proposed judicial reforms.

Shroud of Turin: Setting the Stage for the Antichrist

The world famous Shroud of Turin supposedly of Jesus Christ of Nazareth was analyzed by Italian researchers who discovered that the relic carries the...

China Continues Suppression of Christianity, Communist Party Members Warned to Abandon Religious Beliefs for...

China’s religious winter continues against Christianity, members of the Communist Chinese Party were told to abandon all forms of belief for Marxist Atheism.

China Dispatched Troops For First Overseas Military Base in Djibouti

Chinese State media reported that the communist nation's military dispatched troops for its first ever overseas military base in Djibouti.

Education Secretary: ‘I Will Advance the LGBT Agenda’

British Education Secretary Justine Greening has said she will continue to champion the LGBT agenda during her time in office.

Church of England Votes to Affirm Transgender People; Top Bishop Says LGBT ‘Not a...

The General Synod of the Church of England has officially passed a motion welcoming and affirming transgender people to the church. A top bishop also declared that being LGBT is "not a sin."

G20 Summit in Hamburg Turns Into ‘Warzone’

A police station has been firebombed and cars and buildings set alight in the German city of Hamburg, where world leaders are holding crunch talks today.

Russia’s Putin, North Korea to challenge Trump overseas

President Donald Trump opens his two-nation European visit expecting a warm welcome in Poland before he encounters what could be a frostier reception and thornier issues at an international summit in Germany. Trump's sit-down with Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea's first launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile threaten to put Trump's skills as a negotiator to the test.

70% of Millennials Believe U.S. Student Loan Debt Poses Bigger Threat to U.S. Than...

The year may be different, but 2017 presents many of the same vexing issues, both at home and abroad, that have plagued the United States for years

Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fueled gay orgy at cardinal’s apartment

Vatican police have raided a cardinal's apartment where a drug-fuelled homosexual orgy was taking place.

China’s WARSHIPS and jets swoop in warning to world amid North Korea missile test

The flotilla of Chinese warships, fighter jets and helicopters have been carrying out drills in recent days since being launched on June 25.

‘North Korea is not Syria; it has real retaliatory capabilities’

Donald Trump’s constituency and his militaristic posturing all suggest he may want to undertake some military action against Pyongyang, which is going to make matters a lot worse, says Sreeram Chaulia from the Jindal School of International Affairs. North Korea claims it had tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday morning, according to reports it fell into the Sea of Japan, after flying around 535 kilometers.

Preschoolers Banned from Saying ‘Amen,’ Mentioning the Bible – Even At Christian School

Preschoolers at a Christian school in Sweden are forbidden from praying before meals, saying 'Amen,' or even talking about the Bible.

Massive International Drills Commence Amid China Border Row

Power play on the high seas, with China firmly in the crosshairs, kicks off next week. India, the US and Japan have all deployed their largest warships for the top-notch Malabar exercise to be held in the Bay of Bengal from July 10.

Russia, China: N. Korea must freeze nuclear activities, US halt THAAD deployment

Moscow and Beijing have agreed that North Korea should freeze its nuclear and missile programs, while the US and South Korea should abstain from holding war games in the region, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.
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North Korea Fires Another One Into Sea of Japan, Missile Launched From Region Bordering...

North Korea conducted another ballistic missile test Tuesday morning, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff has said. The projectile, described by the South as an “unidentified ballistic missile,” was launched towards the Sea of Japan.

German court: Sharia police may patrol streets

A court in Germany has authorized a group of self-appointed Sharia police to continue enforcing Islamic law in the city of Wuppertal. The law they were cleared of violating outlaws uniforms that are threatening, such as those of Hitler's brownshirts.

Most Anglicans in UK See ‘Nothing Wrong’ With Premarital Sex, Gay Relationships Despite Church...

A strong majority of Anglicans in the U.K. say they no longer adhere to biblical beliefs on premarital sex and same-sex relationships, according to the British Social Attitudes survey.

The Dirty Vatican: Cardinal George Pell, Top Pope Advisor, Charged With Multiple Sexual Offenses

A senior Vatican official was charged with multiple sexual offenses by Australian police.

China Launches Latest-Generation Destroyer

China's increasingly powerful navy launched its most advanced domestically produced destroyer on Wednesday, at a time of rising competition with other naval powers such as the United States, Japan and India.

Liberal media totally ignore recent spike of Christian persecution in India

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party, crackdowns on Christians have steadily increased. Five states currently ban conversion. Especially alarming is the impunity that follows hate crimes, which have targeted Christians and other faith minorities including Muslims.

Methodists and the Church of England could merge more than 200 years after they...

The Church of England and the Methodist Church are set to merge more than 200 years after their historic split, it was revealed yesterday.

Was Ukraine a testing ground for Russian cyber weapons?

Wired's Andy Greenberg says Ukraine has been the victim of a "cyber-assault unlike any the world has ever seen." Cybersecurity experts think Russia is...

North Korea Open to Moratorium on Nuclear, Missile Tests: Report

North Korea offered a conditional moratorium on its nuclear and missile tests in a bid to hold talks with the United States.

Trump Signals ‘Strategic Patience’ With North Korea is Over, China Failed – is War...

Leaked by the Filipino government was a conversation between President Trump and Rodrigo Duterte, in which Trump claims that China is the last card holding back US intervention in North Korea. In accordance with the President's words, his latest tweet signals that the USA may just be done waiting.

‘Potential terrorist attack’: Van mows down pedestrians near Muslim center & mosque in London

At least one dead and 10 injured are reported in London’s Finsbury Park, where a vehicle drove into pedestrians, many of whom are believed to be Muslims coming out of the local mosque after prayers. Police have arrested one person and ambulances are on the scene.

In China, a robot has started delivering packages to people

Jingdong, or, China’s second-biggest e-commerce company after Alibaba, sent robots to deliver items for the first time yesterday (June 18), on the last day of a two-week-long shopping bonanza that recorded sales of around $17.6 billion, according to a spokesman with the company.

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