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Antifa Communists To Spark ‘Revolution’ on November 4th – Won’t End Until Trump/Pence Overthrown

Antifa, the militant leftist organization, is actively calling for the overthrow of a United States President coupled with calls for violence on city streets.
old glory

With A Nation Divided One Weatherman Rescues Old Glory – “Make Sure This Isn’t...

Hours prior to Hurricane Harvey, America was immensely divided and becoming increasingly polarized. However, one weatherman symbolically picked up old glory and showed that...

School Bans The Lord’s Prayer;’ Students Disagree – Interrupt Ceremony And Sing It...

Students of East Liverpool High School have a tradition to keep, and that is reciting the Lord's Prayer.The Freedom from Religion Foundation demanded...

London: Grenfell Tower Horror – Babies Thrown From Windows, As Fire Almost Engulfed The...

An enormously large blaze broke out at the Grenfell Tower in London where reportedly Twelve are confirmed dead, and police are expecting further fatalities.

Censorship: Wall Township High School in NJ Photoshops Out All References To Trump in...

Students at Wall Township High School in New Jersey were silenced for referencing Trump in their year books.

DARPA Creates System to Augment Soldiers and Artificial Intelligence

The future of war will not be waged by those who are the strongest, those who can shoot the best, or by those who...
Bohemian Grove House of Cards Episode

What Was Bohemian Grove Doing On TV? Crazy Footage From House Of Cards Episode...

The House of cards becomes a conspiracy theory; the television show recently featured images that directly depicted the ongoings at Bohemian Grove.

Man Found Nailed to a Tree in New Mexico

A crazy story surfaced from Bosque a city in New Mexico; a man was found nailed to a tree. The individual's arms were stretched out, and a nail was in each hand, but the man wasn't bleeding.

Did The President Just Admit to Being Two-Faced? Donald Trump: “I’m a globalist and...

There are high hopes that Donald Trump puts America first, but his latest comments in response to the NAFTA flip-flop may prove otherwise; in fact, it may prove a long-held suspicion about the man that he is two-faced.

Obama Administration Manipulated Climate Data; Whistleblower – ‘Everyone Has An Agenda,’ Data Was ‘Misleading’

While Obama is busy accepting $400,000 for speeches, it would appear as though people within his administration are also doing a little 'speaking' of their own; former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin claims that the bureaucrats spin scientific data.

All government and media cover-ups about UFOs and aliens will be DISCLOSED soon?

Are we nearing revelations on the lines of Wikileaks in the domain of extraterrestrial intelligence?

Senators Told North Korea Nuclear Threat Is Urgent

The Senate took part in a rare White House briefing on Wednesday to hear what senior leaders described as "an urgent national security threat" posed by North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

Wisconsin Police Department Removes Prayer Plaque Following Atheist Complaint

A police department in Wisconsin has removed a prayer plaque from its walls following receipt of a complaint from a prominent professing atheist organization.

Exclusive Footage of Gotham Shield on the Ground

The above footage is of the military drill Gotham Shield and comes from the youtube channel Erick M.

How Come Nobody is Talking About This?!

The video above was posted by youtuber Jason A. Learn More here:

Are you Ready For What Could Take Place Next Week?

Next week the enormous amount of geopolitical and political events that could take place have the potential to both rock the nation and the world. Are you ready?

Globalists Will OWN Your Neighborhood, Welcome to ‘The Smart City’ AKA The Police State

The globalists are coming to our neighborhoods and collectively trying to turn them into "smart cities."

The United Nations Peace Keepers Ran A Child Sex Ring in Haiti

'Peace Keepers' from the United Nations violated the lives of children in Haiti by creating a child sex ring, and they were not prosecuted, they will not face jail time and it is utterly disgusting to think that those who are meant to keep the peace, took the peace from innocent children.

Wake up: The Enormous Crisis No One is Talking About That Unfolded Over Last...

Are you 18-34? Are you still living at your parents house? Not to worry, there are millions others that are doing the exact same. Why? Because no one can afford to move out, this fact alone proves the economy is in shambles.

RED ALERT: False Flag Watch is Now Active – Operation Gotham Shield

A general alert is out for something major in the near or immediate future. Hopefully, it is just another false alarm, instead of another false flag. Either way, and danger is at hand.

George Soros Faces Lawsuit: Accused of ‘Puppeteering’ Government

When an investment asset has potential to deliver returns for 100 years, the competition to be the sole owner can be intense.

Assad Says Videos of Dead Children in Syria Chemical Attack Were Faked

WATCH - Assad states that the chemical weapons attack which took place recently was total theater.

Must See: Does This New NRA Ad Show the Civil War is Coming?

With all the lunacy that is coming from the left, it has to make you wonder will these individuals and groups bring about a civil war?

Harvard Prepares To Geoengineer The Atmosphere

A team of Harvard researchers is preparing a first-of-its-kind field experiment in the hotly-debated area of solar geoengineering, the controversial idea to combat climate change by pumping aerosols into the sky to reflect the sun's rays back into space.

Are We Witnessing End Time Wars and Rumors of Wars Bible Prophecy Unfold?

God almighty in all His glory gave mankind a roadmap of the days ahead, and what is taking place today in the Middle East is potentially a spitting image of that. By far the most blatant example is the destruction of Damascus mentioned in the Book of Isaiah.

USA and North Korea Could Soon Go To War, Possibly Nuclear War; Trump Advisers...

The United States of America could soon be taking North Korea to war. Kim Jung-Un, the tyrant from N. Korea, has pushed too many buttons and warranted a response from the Trump administration.

The USA Just Halted Funding To The United Nations Population Control Department

The State Department said on Monday it was ending U.S. funding for the United Nations Population Fund, the international body's agency focused on family planning as well as maternal and child health in more than 150 countries.

Paris: Church Burned Down in Quiet Neighborhood

PARIS (Evangelical Focus) — A fire erupted in the Armenian Evangelical Church of Alfortville (near Paris) on Sunday 2 April, at 6 a.m. The flames woke up Pastor Gilbert Léonian and his wife, who live in the first floor.

What is Going on in the Heavens? Crazy ‘Illuminati Eye’ Hovers over Russian City,...

The heavens to this day remain a mystery to mankind, the beautiful yet daunting mysteries that unfold with the coming storm or the passing wind still amazes the majority of humanity today. But as of late, in recent years, there appears to be something astray with the heavens, almost as if they are trying to tell us all something.

Wall Street Journal: Obama Spied On Trump – Are We Being Distracted?

California Rep. Adam Schiff may not offer much by way of substance, but give him marks for political flimflam. The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee was so successful at ginning up fake outrage over his Republican counterpart that he successfully buried this week’s only real (and bombshell) news.

Shocking New Revelations About Planned Parenthood; The Babies Are ALIVE, and Fighting For Their...

Prosecutors in California issued arrest warrants on Tuesday for the two anti-abortion activists who secretly taped and later published conversations with more than a dozen Planned Parenthood health care providers.

Apocalypse Rumors: ‘Doomsday Library’ opens in Norway

In the hopes of protecting the world's most important books, a second 'Doomsday Vault' has been opened in the frozen Arctic wasteland of Svalbard, Norway.

House Committee Passes Bill To Audit the Federal Reserve

The Republican-controlled Committee on Oversight and Government Reform approved a bill earlier today to allow for a congressional audit of the Federal Reserve's monetary policy, a proposal Fed policymakers have opposed and likely faces a difficult path to final approval in the Senate.

Scientists Will Now Alter Weather Over Arizona – Chemtrails Added To Cloud Atlas

Harvard engineers who launched the world’s biggest solar geoengineering research program may get a dangerous boost from Donald Trump, environmental organizations are warning.

The Dollar is Being Dumped Around the World; Debt Ceiling Debacle Could Lead to...

As global financial markets teeter on the edge of collapse, a report published this morning suggests that the run up in the U.S. dollar may be over.

Elon Musk Develops Company Neuralink, Will Create Parts of The Mark of the Beast

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is backing a brain-computer interface venture called Neuralink, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Confused Minister Claims ‘God is Transgender,’ Muslim Professor Subverting Christian Students

A female minister in Texas who identifies as male recently declared at the state capitol that “God is transgender” in expressing her opposition to a proposed bill that requires those using restrooms and locker rooms in government buildings and public schools to use the facility that corresponds with the gender on their birth certificate.

“The Masses Are Useless, Time to Depopulate; Amazon, Google, Facebook Are the gods Now”...

In an all out attack on God, the author of New York Times bestseller “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow,” Yuval Noah Harari gave a talk at the Carnegie Council for ethics and international affairs.

Creature or Hobbit Man Spotted in Indonesia, Hybrid Human Species May Still Live in...

A mysterious half-naked 'tribesman' was seen running down a dirt track in Indonesia by a group of bikers.

The Globalists Seek to Bring About Civil War in America; Left Wing vs. Right...

The agenda for a civil war in America is well under way, the divide set forth by those who would seek this countries demise has taken root.

North Carolina School District Pulls First Grade Book About Dress-Wearing Boy

A school district in North Carolina has pulled a book that was set to be a part of First Grade curriculum after teachers and lawmakers complained about its content regarding a little boy who liked to wear dresses.

Heads Up: The ‘Geopolitical Flashpoint’ That Could Turn The World Upside Down Approaches

Anyone who has been involved in alternative geopolitical and economic analysis for a decent length of time understands that the establishment power structure thrives according to its ability to either exploit natural crises, or to engineer fabricated crises.

Christianity is Rapidly Becoming ‘Hate Speech’ in America – Are You Ready?

Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu lawmaker in US Congress, has expressed concern over a series of hate crimes against Indian-Americans and asked the Justice Department to investigate all violent acts motivated by bigotry to promote a pluralistic society.

So Men Can Now Compete in Womens Competitions!?

Competitors who are born female now face the reality of losing to those who "identify" as a female, but were born male.

Masonry Exposed- Former Grand Master Mason Caught Red Handed in Police Sting

A 75-year-old man who was caught by a police internet sting after he tried to meet a child for sex has walked free from court after a judge decided not to send him straight to prison.

Alert- Congress Just Sold The Remainder of Our Privacies; 300 Million Apple Accounts At...

It looks like the CIA isn’t the only organization capable of taking over your phone.

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch Supports Roe V. Wade

During his second day of questioning for his Senate confirmation hearing, Trump U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch said that he accepts Roe v. Wade as the “law of the land” and its opinion that a “fetus is not a person.”

Disturbing: The Food You Are Eating is Poison – Doctor Warns

Modern wheat is a "perfect, chronic poison," according to Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist who has published a book all about the world's most popular grain.

Unreal ‘Christian’ Doctor Calls Abortion his Ministry; Satanism and “New” Doctrines Infiltrating the Church

Dr. Willie Parker grew up poor in a close-knit Birmingham neighborhood in the 1960s and 70s. As a teen, he experienced a spiritual awakening that kindled a deep Christian faith.

Bombshell New Emails Prove Coalition Between Monsanto and The EPA To Destroy Our Health

We should be able to trust that the food we buy is safe, but when the people in charge of that are working to keep unsafe chemicals on the market – we have a huge problem!