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Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ We always hear about and talk about the Orwellian nightmare, but what we don’t realize is that we don’t have to worry about “big brother”, we have

Warriors for Christ is a pre-denominational ministry. A pre-denominational Christian is a Christian or disciple of Christ who seeks to base all of his or her beliefs and practices upon the New Testament itself, starting with the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. We desire to recover original New Testament Christianity, or the faith once delivered unto the saints. We are neither Catholic nor Protestant and reject any and all Catholic and Protestant traditions that are inconsistent with or contrary to the New Testament, no matter how deeply-entrenched these traditions may have become. Our overriding goal is to be true to Christ and true to the New Testament. In the first century, there was only one church.

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I hope you plan to do this without the aid of counterfeit bibles that have infiltrated the Church since the 1950’s. If not, then your… Read more »