Pope Francis Likens Muslim Migrants to Joseph and Mary

Stemming from Muslim countries, with Muslim faiths, today’s migrants, according to Pope Francis, are just like Joseph and Mary, prior to the birth of Christ. Pope Francis ushered in Christmas...

HUGE: Pope Francis Wants to Change The Lord’s Prayer To Make God Not The...

Pope Francis has suggested he wants to make a change to The Lord's Prayer, widely known among the faithful as the “Our Father.”

China’s Religious Winter Continues: Nationwide Crackdown on Churches, Forcing ‘Ignorant Christians’ To Replace Jesus...

Christian persecution in China is nothing new, however recently released reports detail how the Communist Party is forcing Christians to replace statues and portraits of Jesus with Xi Jinping, the president of China, and preventing others from meeting for worship.

Christian Persecution Accelerates in 2017 – The 50 Countries Where You Cannot Be A...

Christians have always faced persecution and or oppression, as depicted in the Bible. However, the level of persecution across the world that Christians face is unprecedented, as detailed in the annual report by Open Doors.

The United States Government Formally Recognizes the Genocide Against Christians, Liberal Media Silent

Over the last several years Christians across the world have faced persecution, oppression, and now according to the United States government genocide.

Christian Declarations of Strength, Hope and Courage!

Many times we become distanced from ourselves and our world. The further we get from Gods word, the more we are filled with lies from the enemy. The best...

The Dirty Vatican: Cardinal George Pell, Top Pope Advisor, Charged With Multiple Sexual Offenses

A senior Vatican official was charged with multiple sexual offenses by Australian police.

Controversy Ensues: Pope Francis, The Vatican Uphold Decision to Appoint Pro-Abortion Professor to Pro-Life...

The Vatican responded to criticism over its newly appointee to the Pontifical Academy For Life, Nigel Bigar.
rome st. peter

Pope Francis Appoints Pro-Abortion Professor to Pro-Life Academy, Questions Raised if Catholic Church Changing...

Each year roughly 200,000 babies are brutally murdered, maimed, and ripped limb from limb in America; yet, in their case not too many people of the world seem to give a hoot about them, not even the Pope.

Where’s The Outrage? Communists Cut off Water, Electricity to Churches For Not Installing Surveillance

Communist China steps up the 'Religious Winter' against Christians. The red nation cut off power and electricity to several church buildings and house churches for refusing to install surveillance devices.

LGBT Groups Are Attacking Christians On Facebook, Media Censoring Christian Posts As Hate Speech

As Christians throughout our history, oppression is common, persecution is common, silencing is common, but never a time has it been so widespread.

‘Closer Than Ever Before To The Peace Deal’ – Israeli Defense Minister

Israel is closer than ever before to a Peace Deal claims Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu). Meanwhile the US Senate unanimously ok's a US Embassy in Jerusalem.

The Christian Reality: Twenty-Nine Murdered Coptic Christians in Egypt Asked to Deny Faith by...

The Christian reality has never been about prosperity, or wealth, or tickle-your-ear-doctrines, but rather the harsh Christian reality begs the question of whether or not you are willing to die for the faith.

China Guts Free Speech: Censors News Media and Raids Homes of Christian Leaders

China, to the world, is a great nation of peace and democracy but on the home front the communist country is quietly silencing, raiding and imprisoning Christians. All while, silencing free speech online.

Trump Promises Peace; Hopes to Help Create ‘terrific’ Peace Deal in Middle East

Donald Trump met with Abbas the Palestinian leader and promised to create peace in the Middle East.

God Sent A Massive Message During the Texas Tornado Did You See It?

Let us never forget the grace of the Almighty, because of His grace we are still here. Because of His grace during the Texas tornado a small church in Dallas was demolished, totally, but the forty-five parishioners inside, unharmed.

Christianity is Under Assault: ‘Hide Your Crosses’ and Don’t You Dare Mention Jesus Christ

Imagine if you publicly wore a cross to represent your faith and the second another individual saw it, you were beaten, the neckless ripped from your neck and stomped on; this is what took place, not in an ISIS-held region of the world but rather in Sydney, Australia.

Jesuit Pope Francis is Coming Out; Backsliding on Pedophile Crackdown, Catholic Official Says

Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope, has rescinded on his policies regarding the crack down pedophilia, Catholic officials claim. In fact, the last abuse survivor of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors recently left the commission, citing resistance coming from Vatican offices against implementing recommendations.

Pope Francis Publicly Aligns Ideology With Depopulation Agenda, Urges Limit on Amount of Children,...

The United Nations and Pope Francis have aligned their ideology with that of population control, don't be fooled by their kind way of saying it. "We need at some point...

Is Pope Francis Facilitating Sex Abuse Within The Catholic Church?

A leading member of a group advising Pope Francis on how to root out sex abuse in the Catholic Church quit in frustration on Wednesday, citing "shameful" resistance within the Vatican.

God Sent A Massive Message During The Mississippi Tornado Outbreak, Did You See it?

During the ravaging storms of the south over the weekend something awe-inspiring took place, God sent a message; did you see it?

Unreal: Pro-Sharia Law Middle School Worksheet Appears in Indiana School

A pro-sharia law worksheet assigned to middle school students has appeared in a Southern Indiana school.

The USA For The First Time is Among The 12 Worst Christian Persecution Nations...

In an unbelievable turn of events, the 'christian nation' that was the United States of America has now made the list of the 12 worst Christian Persecution Nations.

Pope Francis Involved? 24 Disabled Students in Argentina Sexually Abused By Priests – Charges...

The bodies and atrocities are piling up at the Vatican's door, yet another massive scandal is unfolding, and it's one from Pope Francis' backyard. Twenty-four disabled children were repeatedly sexually abused by priests at the Antonio Provolo Institute for deaf children.

Christianity Under Attack; Record Breaking Numbers Prove The Illuminati’s Assault Against Christianity Worldwide

Christianity is under attack worldwide; new poll numbers state that Christianity is declining; meanwhile, other polls show that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.

Is Pope Francis A Marxist in Disguise? The WSJ Claims The Pontiff is the...

When Pope Francis delivers his Christmas message this weekend, he will do so not just as the head of the Catholic Church but as the improbable standard-bearer for many progressives around the world.

Pope Francis Calls Alternative News A ‘Sin’ – Further Indoctrinating The Masses to Follow...

Pope Francis states that by spreading and focusing on scandals, and smearing politicians, you risk becoming like people who have a morbid fascination with excrement.

Ancient Book of Psalms Found in Irish Wetland; Did God Just Send Israel A...

Did God Almighty just send a direct message to Israel?

God Sent A Massive Message During the Tennessee Wildfires, Did You See it?

God sent a message during the Tennessee wildfires, and it should shock you. However, many people far and wide have already been telling the story of what is to come upon the Earth in the coming days.

What in the World Are the Elite Planning For 2017? Must See ‘Illuminati Crowley...

This is madness, here is the cover of the 2017 economist magazine which depicts 'Serpent Wisdom Cards.'

Pope Francis Publicly Hails Communism – Then States “It is the Communists Who Think...

November 7, 2016 was the day that Pope Francis openly admitted the truth, he supports communism. In his interview with Eugenio Scalfari, Italian journalist for La Repubblica newspaper he clearly states, “communists think like Christians.”

Donald Trump To Usher in The End of Days – Plans ‘Ultimate Peace Deal’...

For many Christians in America what Donald Trump just stated will likely shock them to the core. Donald Trump plans to bring about the ultimate peace deal for Palestine and Israel.

Wikileaks Bombshell: Hillary Clinton Campaign Involved in Satanic Practice & Witchcraft

In a rather disturbing twist, Wikileaks reveals in the latest batch of Podesta emails that the Clinton Campaign Chair is involved in both Satanic Practice and Witchcraft.

Get Ready For Potential Deception: Scientists Uncover The Tomb of Jesus Christ For First...

For the first time in centuries, scientists have uncovered the original surface upon which Jesus Christ once laid.

Demonic Martial Law: Ready To Be Arrested For Praying in Your Own Home?

A dark tide is washing upon the USA, ill-informed police officers harassed and arrested a woman for simply praying in her own home.

Christian Persecution: China launches ‘RELIGIOUS WINTER’ in bid to DESTROY Christianity

Christians in China face yet more restrictions. The communist party is attempting to silence the voices and movement of Christians throughout China.

Unreal: You Won’t Guess Where the Oldest Hebrew Translation of the Ten Commandments Was...

In an odd turn of events, the oldest Hebrew translation of the Ten Commandments in the world was located somewhere extremely unexpected.

Red Alert: The Satanic Temple To Open International Headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts

The satanic temple is set to open their headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts. The nationally recognized political and religious organization will open the doors of its new command center on Friday, September 23rd, 2016.

King Solomon-era Palace Found in Biblical Gezer

A group of American archaeologists claim they have discovered a palatial building dating all the way back to the King Solomon era in Israel. The monumental building was built over 3,000...

Signs of the End Times: A River in Siberia Inexplicably Turns Blood Red

A River in Siberia, just outside of Russia’s Arctic city of Norilsk has mysteriously turned blood red.

How to Fight Depression, 4 ways for Christians to be healed and delivered

It's time to fight depression, the Christian way. Here are four must-try methods that can bring you relief from the ever depressing world that surrounds. Remember who you are ...

Pope Francis Admits That He is a PAWN Used by the Elite

Pope Francis is a pawn, this is common knowledge; except now, the pope admits that he is a pawn. In an ongoing argument with Donald Trump, the pope stated;...

Pentagon Testing Micro Drones Comparable to Bible Prophecy of the Locusts Here’s a scary story: the government’s Strategic Capabilities Office is reportedly testing drones that are capable of swarming together after launching out of a fighter jet. That might sound...

Pope Francis Publicly Equates Himself with God

One word...unbelievable. On December 27th, 2015 Pope Francis equated himself with Jesus Christ. In fact he didn’t just equate himself, he equated everyone with Jesus Christ. Christians near and...

Warning: Pandoras Box Has Just Been OPENED, This New Technology Will End Mankind

The war for humanity is in full swing. The agendas for takeover are covertly transforming this planet; life on Earth is on the cusp of a catastrophic breakthrough. A...

End Times: The Nation’s First State-Sanctioned Satanic Ceremony Just Took Place

Detroit, Michigan; what was once a beautiful city; filled with industrialization is now a destroyed city ravished by thugs, gangs, violence, bankruptcy, and, of course, the satanic church. On December...

Matthew Chapter 2 KJV

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At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees converting in droves – Yahoo News

BERLIN (AP) — Mohammed Ali Zonoobi bends his head as the priest pours holy water over his black hair. "Will you break away from Satan and his evil deeds?"...

Next Planned Parenthood Video And Ex-Satanist States Abortion Is A Satanic Sacrifice

Planned Parenthood, the satanic meaning behind it all has finally been truly and fully exposed. Recently the latest video has been released regarding planned parenthood, and it is just...

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