Russia claims that it will 'respond in kind' if America quits the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty, which could result in the first nuclear arms race since the end of the cold war. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on Donald...
A week before the recent ballistic missile test deployed by North Korea, Iran promised to send warships to the gulf of Mexico.
The unpredictability of the Trump administration brings to light the resolve of the White House and the current state of geopolitics. Previously discussed was the prospect of global multipolarity and since the selection of Donald Trump, the state of international affairs, and current events seek to make a multipolar world a reality.
Massive drills are set for September by both Russia and Nato which have raised the concern by Western Military commanders that a miscalculation could lead to a crisis, or World War 3.
A single action could reshape the very face of our world, that action could lead to conflict, and that conflict could result in the mother of all conflicts, world war three.
A new intelligence report warns of an ‘increase in risk’ of conflict between and within nations over the next five years. The report states that risk will increase to levels not seen since the Cold War.
The world is on the brink of the most catastrophic war in the history of mankind, the Third World War, and the entire geopolitical landscape is undergoing a foundational shift.
Russia is gearing up for World War 3, in their latest move against the West, Putin is in the process of placing nuclear-capable bombers around the US border and is moving more to the Mediterranean Sea. Plus Russia is planning to reopen the Cold War era bases in both Cuba and Vietnam.
According to Russian state newspapers, the Syrian crisis stalemate will lead to a ‘direct military conflict’ with the USA; and as a result, the conflict would lead directly to World War Three.
The USA and Russia have officially suspended all forms of communication over the Syrian Crisis. However, just hours before the dismissal of communications Russia announced they were conducting a military drill
Intelligence agencies fight secret wars. Wars in which the public often knows little about, wars in which mainstream media propagandizes its own citizens to keep the sins of the government out of sight.
The geopolitical war currently being waged is for natural resources, such as oil and natural gas. The leading contenders are the USA and Russia, both of which could lead the world directly into World War 3. The Turkish stream is a point of interest for both the USA and Russia because the Stream shows that US sanctions are not holding Russia back in the least.