Rumors of War

Matthew 24:6King James Version (KJV)
6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

Was Ukraine a testing ground for Russian cyber weapons?

Wired's Andy Greenberg says Ukraine has been the victim of a "cyber-assault unlike any the world has ever seen." Cybersecurity experts think Russia is perfecting attacks that could be...

North Korea Open to Moratorium on Nuclear, Missile Tests: Report

North Korea offered a conditional moratorium on its nuclear and missile tests in a bid to hold talks with the United States.

US military shoots down Iranian-made drone in southern Syria

The U.S. military said it shot down an Iranian-made, armed drone in southern Syria on Tuesday, marking the third time this month that that the U.S. has downed aircraft affiliated with Syrian President Bashar Assad's government.

Trump Signals ‘Strategic Patience’ With North Korea is Over, China Failed – is War...

Leaked by the Filipino government was a conversation between President Trump and Rodrigo Duterte, in which Trump claims that China is the last card holding back US intervention in North Korea. In accordance with the President's words, his latest tweet signals that the USA may just be done waiting.

They’re Here: Two Hezbollah Jihadists Arrested In New York: “Pre-Operational Surveillance Of Terror Targets,...

Following the methodically planned San Bernadino massacre in December of 2015 we warned that more attacks were coming and that terrorists have more than likely already already infiltrated the United States in an effort to identify potential targets and execute future strikes on American citizens.

200 Million Americans At Risk – Massive GOP Data Leak Uncovered, Addresses, Birthdates, Phone...

A massive leak was discovered on GOP servers that exposed data such as home addresses, phone numbers, and birthdates, of over 200 Million Americans to the public.

Cold War Level Tensions Return; Russia vows to shoot down all ‘flying objects’ in...

Russia announced on Monday that they would shoot down any flying objects over Syria, in a warning to the USA.

‘Potential terrorist attack’: Van mows down pedestrians near Muslim center & mosque in London

At least one dead and 10 injured are reported in London’s Finsbury Park, where a vehicle drove into pedestrians, many of whom are believed to be Muslims coming out of the local mosque after prayers. Police have arrested one person and ambulances are on the scene.

Breaking: NSA Links Wannacry Virus to North Korea

US Intelligence officials have linked the Wannacry ransomware attack to North Korea, just last month the virus affected some 300,000 people in some 150 countries.
power towers

The Inevitable? The Cyber Attack The Takes Out America’s Power Grid Has Already Been...

Not to long ago, a virus crippled computer systems around the world. The virus dubbed ‘Wannacry' left hospitals, businesses, police stations, and some sectors of government totally at a standstill. However, that attack is nothing compared to what could happen in the event of the ‘Industroyer' attack.

Those Pesky Russians: Bloomberg – Russian Breach of 39 States Threatens Future U.S. Elections

Russia’s cyberattack on the U.S. electoral system before Donald Trump’s election was far more widespread than has been publicly revealed, including incursions into voter databases and software systems in almost twice as many states as previously reported.

Christians are borrowing Muslims’ hijabs to safely flee ISIS militants holding 1,500 people hostage...

Christians are disguising themselves by borrowing hijabs to escape the ISIS militants holding 1,500 people hostage in a besieged Philippines town.

Massive Anti-Government Protests in Venezuela Worsen, Patterns Emerge

As protests against Venezuela’s “democratic socialist” government roll into their third month, Dr. Henrique Montbrun, who oversees the triage post in the municipality of Baruta, says the violence in the country has reached unprecedented levels. “It’s madness,” he says.

Turkey Agrees to Send Up to 3,000 Troops to Qatar Amid Gulf Diplomatic Crisis

Turkey's decision to send up to 3,000 troops to Qatar further cements their growing ties, but it virtually eliminates a possible role for Ankara to mediate between Qatar and the Gulf states that have decided to isolate it for alleged support of terrorism.

S. Korea leader warns North after latest missile launch

North Korea's latest launches of several suspected anti-ship missiles were short-range and landed well short of past efforts, but they still served as a defiant message for its enemies that Pyongyang will continue to pursue a weapons program that has rattled its neighbors and Washington.

The Crisis in Syria Escalates: Coalition Forces Strike Pro-Assad Forces For The Third Time

US officials state that the Pro-US forces in Syria have conducted another strike against Assad's forces.

North Kore Fires Multiple Missiles – Eurasia is Destabilizing

North Korea on Wednesday fired multiple surface-to-ship missiles.

Third London attacker named as imams refuse to perform funeral rites

British police on Tuesday named the final member of the terror trio that murdered seven people on Saturday in a knife and van attack before police shot the jihadis dead -- and the news comes as more than 130 Muslim religious leaders were refusing to say funeral prayers for any members of the ISIS cell.

The US Steps Up Pressure On China Over North Korea and South China Sea

Over the past few weeks, several high-level US leaders have visited the Asia Pacific region, primarily with one focus, China.

London Bridge terror attack – multiple casualties and second incident at Borough Market

LONDON Bridge has been plunged into chaos amid reports of a vehicle mowing down pedestrians.

The Resorts World Manila Attack Has Exposed Worrying Gaps in the Philippine Capital’s Security

Fears have been expressed for the safety of public facilities in Manila after a lone gunman was able to enter an upscale casino and hotel complex with an M4 carbine and gasoline, firing shots and setting fire to gaming tables before immolating himself.

Are You Ready? – The North Korean Crisis Could Soon Blow Up

Propaganda or the inevitable? The North Korean crisis is getting out of hand and fast.

Iran says its third underground missile factory is up and running

Iran has built a third underground ballistic missile production factory and will keep developing its missile program, a Iranian semi-official news agency reported on Thursday.

North Korea Fires Another One, Japan Claims Missile Landed in Economic Zone

North Korea fired yet another Ballistic missile, initially claimed locally by Yonhap and later confirmed by US intelligence.

Gunmen Kill 28 Coptic Christians in Egypt

Militants opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians in central Egypt on Friday. While there is no official word as to who is behind the latest attack, but historically...

ISIS Takes Control of It’s First City in The Philippines

After months of fighting, ISIS affiliate The Maute group has captured it's first Filipino city. Marawi, a city of 22 million people, was taken by only 500 militants.

Britain Lockdown: 1,000 Heavily Armed Soldiers Deployed, Parliament Closed and Events Cancelled – Martial...

After a recent terrorist attack in Manchester, Britain is preparing for the worst by deploying thousands of troops to patrol the streets, canceling events and even closing the parliament buildings.

Major Alert: The US is About to Strike North Korea, Claims Geopolitical Futures Founder...

A major war is potentially about to break out according to George Friedman, the founder of Geopolitical Futures. Rather alarmingly the geopolitical analyst claims that the US is about...

BREAKING: US-Led Coalition Strikes Hit Syrian Army in Southern Syria

Several reports indicate that the US government has launched an attack on pro-Assad forces in Syria. A US defense official told Sputnik that the US-led coalition struck the pro-Assad fighters...

Israeli minister Calls for the Assassination of Assad, CIA Documents Reveal Plans to Oust...

An Israeli minister has called for the assassination of Assad, and states it's time to deal with Iran.

The Crisis in Venezuela Deepens; US and UN Threaten to Intervene, Is a Similar...

Venezuela is in a deep state of disarray, the crisis unfolding has set the country on a path of turmoil that it may never overcome; but to make matters worse - others, such as the USA and the UN want to intervene.

Was North Korea Behind the #Wannacry Ransomware?

The Wannacry ransomware attack on over 300,000 machines worldwide shares code with malware written by a group of North Korean hackers known as the Lazarus Group.
China- Military

China tested a new guided missile near the Korean peninsula

China has recently tested a new type of guided missile in a northeastern sea near the Korean peninsula, the defence ministry said Tuesday, hours after South Korean elections and amid regional tensions.

Iran Test Fires High-Speed Torpedo Sunday

Iran on Sunday test-fired a high-speed torpedo near the Strait of Hormuz on Sunday.

North Korea To Cause EMP Catastrophe – Congressional Expert

A congressional expert is claiming that North Korea is preparing to launch an EMP over the United States.

Russia Sends Three Warships Into NATO Waters To Test Resolve

Russia sent three warships just four miles out from Latvia's territorial waters.

The Duo: North Korea and Iran – Pawns in the Game – The Illuminati...

North Korea and Iran, the unlikely couple from hell that proves the connection between communism and Islam.

Is the US House Trying Declare War? House Bill on Port Controls Amounts to...

A US House of representatives bill has set off a Russian Senator. A Chairman of the Russian upper house of parliament's international committee warns that the new bill will amount to a 'declaration of war.'

Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group ARRIVES (VIDEO)

The United States Car Vinson carrier strike group released a new video. The group has now joined South Korea for drills in waters near the peninsula.

War with China, North Korea?

Are we on the cusp of war with China, North Korea?

KIM’S GIRL WARRIORS Kim Jong-un ‘ready to send army of up to 500,000 women...

NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-un is ready to send up to 500,000 women soldiers to the front line if war with the US breaks out, according to defectors’ estimates.

Russian ‘combat robot’ can shoot guns, lift weights in training at the gym and...

A terrifying Russian robot has been built with the ability to shoot guns, do push-ups and even drive a car.

World Leaders Warn of Korean Crisis; ‘Major, Major Conflict’ could break out, Situation has...

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have both warned of the potential crisis that could unfold on the Korean peninsula. Donald Trump warns of a 'major, major conflict,' and Putin claims that the situation has 'Seriously Deteriorated.'

Trump takes key U.S. ally by surprise on trade, missile defense

Contradicting President Trump, South Korea said Friday it has no plan to renegotiate a bilateral trade deal with the U.S., or to pay for the U.S. missile defense system being deployed on its territory.

Putin, Erdogan may discuss S-400 sale to Turkey in early May in Sochi –...

The sale of a Russian made S-400 long-range air missile defense system to Turkey could feature in discussions when Russian President Vladimir Putin hosts his Turkish counterpart in the Black Sea resort of Sochi on May 3, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, has said.

North Korea nuclear tests could cause eruption of volcano at Paektu Mountain, geologist warns

NUCLEAR tests in North Korea could cause the eruption of a massive volcano that could wipe out populations across Asia and Europe, a Brisbane geology expert has warned.

North Korea puts out new video showing the White House in crosshairs and carriers...

A North Korean propaganda outlet Thursday released an inflammatory video clip showing a simulated attack on the White House, declaring “the enemy to be destroyed is in our sights.”

China is Now Responding To US THAAD Deployment With Military Drills – Defense Ministry

In response to the USA's deployment of the THAAD missile defense system, China is running drills and preparing to protect its national security.

Senators Told North Korea Nuclear Threat Is Urgent

The Senate took part in a rare White House briefing on Wednesday to hear what senior leaders described as "an urgent national security threat" posed by North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

U.S. may need stronger defense against North Korea missiles: admiral

The United States may need to strengthen its missile defenses, particularly in Hawaii, given the advancing threat from North Korea's missile and nuclear weapons programs, the top U.S. commander in the Pacific told Congress on Wednesday.