The Sun Will Disappear on August 21st 2017 – Sign of the Times?

On August 21st, 2017 where will you be? According to NASA, apparently, America will receive an eclipse of the sun.

Nasa announces Discovery of New Habitable Planets in Trapist System

Nasa announced via press conference the discovery of new exoplanets that are potentially habitable.

Brace Yourself: A Comet, Full Moon, and A Blood Moon All in One Night

The heavens are ripe with signs and wonders of the times at hand; and this weekend a comet, a full moon, and a partial Blood Moon will all come to pass within one night.

NASA Spots Comet and A Mysterious Object Hurtling Towards Earth

Nasa recently spotted two objects hurling towards Earth, one a comet and the other a UFO.

WOAH: A Bear-Like-Creature Spotted On Mars (VIDEO)

Did a rogue bear fly to Mars? Or is Nasa playing games with us again? Just recently an image has surfaced from Mars by NASA that shows a very...

MYSTERIOUS Orb Found In Spain DNA From Neanderthal Shaking Up Human History

A very odd orb has been collected in Spain. The orb is of mechanical nature, but its origins are not known, just as the previous times orbs like such...

BLOOD MOON: Extinction event asteroid threat CANNOT be ruled out claims scientist

First of all, lets get something clear. We at Intel Revolution don't push the "fear of impending doom". That's not what Intel revolution is about, we push facts, reason,...
Another Crazy Strange Sighting In Florida

Another Crazy Strange Sighting In Florida Don’t Miss It!

Just this morning, September 2nd 2015, at around 5 am a video was captured of an extremely strange sighting in Florida skies. The sighting was of what appears to be a...