Breaking: Must See Cellphone Video of Charlotte Shooting

A cellphone camera video made by the wife of Keith L. Scott before he was fatally shot by police here shows the moments before and after the incident, including the wife’s pleas to her husband to get out of his truck, and her pleas to the police not to shoot him.

So it all Begins in October? Professor Warns “Something Shocking” Set to Rock the...

Coming this October is an 'event' that will shock the United States and the world according to Princeton Professor Julian Zelizer.

The USA Just About Began World War Three in Syria This Past Weekend

The USA ‘accidentally’ bombed an encampment of Syrian troops, and then attempted to distract the world from it’s crimes by commanding ISIS to destroy an aid convoy.

Night Two: North Carolina Riots Erupt After Man Killed by Charlotte Police (Live Video)

A 43-year-old black man was fatally shot by police Tuesday afternoon at an apartment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina, sparking protests from members of the community.

FBI Investigating Stabbing Attack in Minnesota Mall as ‘Potential Act of Terrorism’

The FBI is looking at the stabbing attack at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, as possible terrorism, authorities said Saturday, as ISIS claims responsibility for the violence that left nine people injured.

Explosive fireball rattles Chelsea street injuring 29, secondary pressure cooking device found blocks away

A thunderous explosion rocked a Chelsea street Saturday night — injuring at least 29 people, blasting out windows and sending scores of panicked pedestrians running for their lives, cops and witnesses said.

25 injured in explosion on Chelsea street, inside garbage can: FDNY

CHELSEA, Manhattan — The FDNY says 25 civilians were injured in an explosion in Chelsea Saturday night, in a busy area teeming with restaurants, bars and pedestrians.

Carolla: Dr. Drew Scared of ‘New World Order,’ Refuses to Talk About Clinton’s Health...

Adam Carolla, longtime friend and radio partner of Dr. Drew Pinsky, said the doctor is scared to come on his show, or any show, to talk about the health of Hillary Clinton or any hypotheticals pertaining to her medical situation.

BOOM: Congress Subpoenas The Shadow Government

The cult of Hillary was called in to answer for their privatized investigation into Clinton’s emails.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Systematically Overcharging Poorest Donors

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is stealing from her poorest supporters by purposefully and repeatedly overcharging them after they make what’s supposed to be a one-time small donation through her official campaign website, multiple sources tell the Observer.

NYPD Seizes $18,000 During Pocketknife Arrest

The NYPD’s aggressive mis-enforcement of the state’s “gravity knife” law generally costs them money; at least $347,000 in false arrest and malicious prosecution settlements in the past five years, to put a rough figure on it.

Ohio cop shoots dead 13yo boy after he pulls BB gun

A 13-year-old boy was shot dead by an Ohio police officer after he allegedly pulled a gun while being placed under arrest. The weapon was later confirmed to be a BB gun.

Christians: Comply with the LGBT Rules or Become Unemployed

A man is standing tall for his faith in Champaign, Illinois against the LGBT mandatory regulations and because of his faith, he may lose his job. This instance sends a message to Christians near and far, comply or be out of work; and that is plainly unacceptable not to mention illegal.

What in the World? ABC News Reports Hillary Clinton Died

Was Hillary Clinton supposed to die at the September 11th, 2016 memorial? A strange report put out by ABC News says that Hillary Clinton died under hospital treatment.

Lawmakers Struggle Over Solution To Potential Government Shutdown

Congress is back after taking the summer off and lawmakers are wrangling over how to keep the federal government’s lights on after funding runs out at the end of the month. Virginia lawmakers are upset that they’re left with few good options.

WikiLeaks’ Guccifer 2.0: Obama Sold Off Public Offices to Donors

On September 13, WikiLeaks lived up to its promise of releasing more Democratic National Committee (DNC) documents. This time they were from hacker Guccifer 2.0, serving as a teaser for larger and likely more embarrassing leaks from the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign.

Wikileaks Proves Primary Was Rigged: DNC Undermined Democracy

On July 25, the Democratic National Convention will begin in Philadelphia, Pa. To commemorate the event and its embrace of corrupt politician Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, Wikileaks is releasing thousands of DNC/Clinton emails.

WHAT?!?! DNC Will Pick Michelle Obama If “Gravely Ill” Hillary Can’t Go On

According to Roger Stone, Michelle Obama will replace Hitlary Clinton if she can't go on.

The death of 3,000 people is now a joke!? Here are the Top 3...

The audacity of several large corporations won't cease to amaze you, these three companies thought it would be okay to make light of 9/11 through their promotions. Papa John’s is...

ATF Attempted to reclassify Wetted Nitrocellulose; they Attempted To ‘Ban Ammunition’

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has walked back an announcement it now viewed wetted nitrocellulose as a high explosive and will work with the firearms industry on clarification.

Video: HILLARY CLINTON FAINTS – Clinton’s aides say she ‘overheated’ after suffering ‘medical episode’

The Democratic presidential nominee's "knees buckled" as she left the event before it ended and was helped into a van.

WATCH: Armed Troops Deployed Ahead of Court Ruling on Pipeline, Holding Militarized Checkpoints

North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple has activated the North Dakota National Guard ahead of a federal judge’s expected Friday ruling on a request by the Standing Rock Sioux to stop the four-state Dakota Access oil pipeline.

Project Crystal Ball? U.S. Military and Intelligence Agencies Dabbles in Forecasting the Future

The US military and intelligence agencies are attempting to dabble in forecasting the future to create what they call a “superforecaster.”

Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson: ‘What is Aleppo?’

Asked what he would do about the Syrian city of Aleppo, the region at the center of that nation’s civil war and refugee crisis, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson responded by asking, “what is Aleppo?”

Milwaukee Reeling After Deadly Police Shooting – Protests Brought Chaos and Destruction

Milwaukee recently encountered a Ferguson-like event after a deadly police shooting. Police claim to have shot an armed man during a foot pursuit. The protest soon turned violent as protesters set cars and properties ablaze and clashed with police. Officials have confirmed that at least three people have been arrested.

Must Watch: The Elite Are Infuriated With Donald Trumps Following

Donald Trump has set the stage for the 2016 election. Whether you are for him or against him, one point should get duly noted; and that is the elite hate him and the people that follow him.

Obama Third Term? “I’m Not Quitting, I’m Being ‘Forced Out’ Of the Presidency”

Obamas claim leaves us all to wonder is Barack Obama attempting to either run for a third term, which would be illegal? Or is he planning on stopping the elections all together?

Augmented Intelligence: IBM Creates Artificial Neuron For Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Scientists at IBM have just completed the creation of the first Artificial Neuron for processing tasks such as cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and augmented intelligence. Cognitive computing resembles human-like processing abilities such as predictive intelligence, computer vision, automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, audio recognition and bioinformatics.

Big Brother: Comcast Set To Sell Users Their Right To Have Privacy

For Americans who are concerned about privacy, things are about to get even more expensive. In other words, big brother is about to get even bigger. Comcast recently filed...

All Seeing Eye: Google, Samsung, and Sony Building A Cyborg Contact Lens That Records...

The all seeing eye of destruction. Both Google, Samsung, and Sony are building a cyborg contact lens which can record, track, and transmit everything seen with the eyeball. The lens could also play the footage back soon after the recording completed. Google plans to inject the cyborg lens into the eye whereas Sony and Samsung would manufacture a true cyborg contact lens.

Brain Zapping? Willful Participants Subject Themselves To Mind Control – Brain Stimulants Cause Removal...

Science, technology and the idiocracy of modern man has brought the world to the brink of willful mind control applicants. Mind Control or brain zapping, is the new brain stimulant technology causing the loss of faith in God, in an attempt to make people "smarter."

Beast Tech: DARPA Brain Implant “Stentrode” Paves Way for the Biblical Mark of the...

A relatively new mark of the beast device just took the world stage, the stentrode. Applicants using the stentrode can control electronics with thoughts, and so much more. According to reports, the stentrode is a “non-invasive” technology that doesn’t require brain surgery for it to get embedded in the user's mind.

Mind Control: Researchers Control Multiple Drones At Once With The Human Mind

Researchers from the University of Arizona control multiple drones at the same time with the human mind, wirelessly. However, this is not the only development as of late regarding mind control and brain computer interfaces.

False Flag Alert for Florida and Colorado; The Federal Government is Hiring Crisis Actors

The Federal Government is notorious for the use of Crisis Actors, in certain “live” simulations which appear to the rest of the world as real events.

Police State Thought-Crime: IARPA Seeking Future Predicting Algorithms and Technology

In the very near future, due-process will no longer house judge, jury, and executioner; but rather algorithms and technology will justify whether an individual is deemed enemy of the state.

Ready For FEMA Camps? Project DIVA Enables the Elite to Take out The Red...

Putting together all of the pieces of this tyrannical puzzle, suddenly the endgame becomes painstakingly clear. The various moving parts are; the NDAA, FEMA Camps, the Homeland Security's bias...

Alert: Very Strange BIOHAZARD Military Drill Set For July Using Foreign Language Services

Recently a job listing came up in Vermont, placed by the FLSS, which stands for “Foreign Language Services Simulation.” The drill is in July, in Burlington Vermont. The details of this “drill” are far from the usual crisis scenario.

Warning: FEMA is Getting Ready to Mobilize “Civilian” Troops; Martial Law Soon?

When the elite calls their selected agents together, it’s time to pay attention. Just recently the preparedness agency of the United States government also known as FEMA activated their “civilian” corps. The only question is, for what?

Thrust: The Pentagon is Building A “Self-Aware” AI Killer Robot that Lives on Social...

The Pentagon has teamed up with DARPA and other agencies to create a "self-aware" AI, robot, that will use posts on social media to decipher a threat level of an individual and determine whether or not they should be placed on a kill list.

A Daunting Dream of “Living With Martial Law” Every American Needs To See

A daunting time is coming to every American home where nothing will be the same, and no one will escape the abuse incurred under a declared state of Martial Law.
Body armor

US Military is Gearing Up For War; Ordering Droves of Bulletproof Armor Plates

Preparing for war is not small feat, but the US military is actively preparing for war both with other countries, and it’s own citizens. The United States Military recently...

Mossad and the CIA Diverting Attention by Hyping Saudi Role in 9/11

To this day, there is still no definitive answer as to the real perpetrator behind the 9/11 attacks. Mossad and the CIA are both scrambling to cover up their...

Gun Control Alert: Obama Makes A Major New Push For Gun Control Measures, The...

Coming soon to a store near you is the futuristic “smart gun” brought to you by the Obama administration. Technology is changing the world, and in a way that once we cross “that” line; there is no going back.

BREAKING: The US Government is Preparing For Riots and Martial Law on a Global...

The US government in conjunction with other countries, is preparing for riots and Martial Law on a global scale, new report claims a 5.3% increase in the riot control market by 2020.

The Secret Courts of America Just Allowed the NSA to Capture Data on EVERY...

As of November 2015 it is now legal for NSA comb through all of your private data without a warrant or even probable cause. Previously, this was all done in the shadows, but again in November, it all became legal.

Lawmakers Say Redacted Pages Of 9/11 Report Show Saudi Official Met Hijackers In LA

Roughly 15 years have passed, and the truth still has not come out about 9/11. Speculations, mixed with the largest cover-up of the century thus far are underway. However,...

The Police of America Are on A Rampage and it Must Stop Now

Just How far can police officers go? America is set to be the next stage of a horrific chain of events if the police-led rampage keeps up. Police officers...

Let The Drills of 2016 Begin

FEMA, the agency to house all dissidents come Martial Law, is at it again. The year is 2016 and still no Martial law but each and everyday the USA...

UPDATED: RED ALERT, What in the Hell is Going on in California? Imagine hiking in the beautiful mountains of California, and all of a sudden, gun shots and loud shouting of “Allah u Akbar.” Then in just a matter of moments...

DARPA Will Advance Learning Abilities of the Brain; Creating Super Soldiers for Martial Law

Imagine a soldier capable of any task, capable of switching from a grunt to operating a plane within a matter of weeks. The military could then train any individual...