After five long days in hiding, Mark Zuckerberg finally makes a public statement regarding the privacy violations of tens of millions Facebook users data, that was then used to psychologically manipulate them.
While Mark Zuckerberg hides, the Facebook data breach saga continues. An ex-Facebook insider says that the data farming of Facebook through apps was worse than what we thought. Today the Guardian released shocking details on Facebook that goes right along...
This weekend Christopher Wylie, who is now being called the 'data war whistle-blower,' brought forth a groundbreaking exposé on a big data company named Cambridge Analytica that he says harvested data from 50 million Facebook users to build psychological and political profiles which were then used to target each individuals personality type with ads that were designed to persuade them towards a particular candidate, in this case, Trump.
Facebook manipulated 689,003 users' emotions for data collection and analysis in 2014, and now they have been approved for patents to take their emotional experiments a step further.
Online bullying and harassment is a problem, but the new law passed in Utah could send online bullies and 'others' to jail for voicing their opinions online.
All for a buck, Facebook targeted the youth, the vulnerable, and the insecure with predatory advertising practices.
Suicide, just the morbid word tugs at your heartstrings, it’s such a tragic topic. In the past few months, three separate suicides were broadcast on Facebook Live, one of a young teen whose tragic video went viral. With the...
Psychoanalysis is being conducted using artificial intelligence to comb social media sites like Facebook, learning and storing the data for later use in a technocracy of 'connectedness.'
In the latest turn of events in the United States Government’s war against Christianity, a Pastor is now being required by a Federal court to turn over the transcripts and notes of all of the sermons he has ever conducted.
The US’s favorite groping agency The Transportation Security Administration, otherwise known as the TSA, is set to expand beyond airports; and will soon grope every individual at bus, train, and marine transportation stations across the US.
For Americans who are concerned about privacy, things are about to get even more expensive. In other words, big brother is about to get even bigger. Comcast recently filed with the FCC  stating that they would like to charge...