Felon Convicted Of Conspiracy To Commit Murder Doubles As A Knife Toting Abortion Clinic...

Outside of many abortion clinics you can come face to face with agents of Satan wearing little pink vests, who call themselves “Clinic Escorts” or “Pro Choice Escorts”. Unpaid...

Prayers and Declarations for Casting out the Spirit of Fear and Walking in the...

The state of fear, we have all been there at least once in our lives. Whether you are riveted by shock, shaking in fear, or just overall anxious, the...

Cast your cares on the Lord! Prayer for Release and Transformation in Jesus

Heavenly Father, God we praise you, we thank you because you daily load us with blessings and benefits, but God how can we receive more or be grateful for what...

A prayer for the brokenhearted in the name of Jesus

I invite you to join me in prayer for lifting of depression and joy in Jesus name. Lord, I know that you are God of all things. You are our almighty creator and I live to praise you but in my soul, I feel the heaviness of depression. God, I put my hope in you.

Christian Meditation: God is our refuge and strength, Psalm 46

Are you heavy laden? Are you in pain, experiencing heartache, or in the midst of trouble? In this meditation we will reflect on Psalm 46 that reminds us that God is our refuge and strength in times of trouble. Here we can surrender our worries to God and rest in knowing God is in control.

“In the face of fear, carry peace” says Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson, 20, is sharing her powerful testimony of how God removed the fear that plagued her life not so many years ago. To help others in similar situations find the same peace in God that she found, she’s releasing her new book titled, Live Fearless.

Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?

In a viral Guardian article, Johann Hari releases a segment of his book, “Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions.”

Powerfully Prophetic Declarations to Speak over the New Year

Job 22:28 says “You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways.”

Powerful Spiritual Warfare Deliverance from the Spirit of Fear in Jesus name!

Find strength in the Lord as we pray a powerful spiritual warfare prayer casting out the spirit of fear in Jesus name!