The Globalist

To the tune of globalism America marches away from the core of our founding. While international relations are vital to The Republic the intent of modern globalism is to establish socialism and destabilize capitalism.

The New World Order is actively being built according to former SecDef Chuck Hagel, even though it technically remains a "conspiracy theory.” At the Domenici Forum, this September 2016 Hagel attended and made some staggering remarks about the global order, and how it is reshaping our world.
The cover of the Economist magazine for 2015 painted a very dark and grim picture for the future of mankind. However, the 2016 version shows an even worse fate. The Satanic Elite that runs our planet are gearing up...
While Obama steadily pushes for a global police force within the USA, the CFR announces the push for globalization and a New World Order. In their latest propaganda push, the council on foreign relations attempted to sway the masses using individuals such as Angelina Jolie, Richard Plepler, Juliette Kayyem and other globalists.
The Cabal is attempting to condition the masses into accepting a global map, through connectivity or "connectography." The New World Order map will redefine current geography and shape a global civilization.
Niantic labs, the creators of the game Pokemon Go are seeking to further the cause of the New World Order, through zombifying individuals, stealing all of their data, and revoking their legal rights.
The devastating assault truck attack levied against Nice, France is potentially part of a larger assault against the whole of Europe.
Americas worst nightmare potentially just got the green light. The blue helmets of the UN are coming to police the streets of the USA. Foreign Military is now allowed to police the streets, arrest, and use force in combat. In...
The EU financial crisis is set to implode national sovereignty, further control for the Elite, and take down the current EU and US borders. The agenda is for the New World Order and Italy is next to fall.
The North American Union is slowly yet steadily taking shape; the daunting reality is that the governments of the West are systematically gearing up for the collapse to engineer “collaboration” of nations to bring about the New World Order.
France and Germany plan to enact a European Superstate abolishing the EU and formally bringing about the New World Order.
The infamous agenda for the North American Union is taking shape and the plan to do away with the 50 states and create FEMA regions is happening right now.
John Kerry calls for a borderless world in which Americans can all prepare for the New World Order, but first here comes the North American Union. America in the future will not be a country but rather a geographic location;...