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The early Church believed that they were living in the end times, present tense, and such a belief should be carried on today. Coverage in this section relates to how our current era and generations display the inflection points in culture and society away from the Biblical roots of our society, generations and culture. Subscribe to the Turning Point

The All Seeing Eye of Destruction: Google Creates ‘Image-Recognition AI’ For Your Smartphone

In 2016, Alphabet Inc. Patented ‘Google Lens,’ a computerized contact lens that gets embedded into the eye which can record and take pictures. In 2017, Alphabet Inc. brings about the first phase of ‘Google Lens’ in the form of an ‘image-recognition AI' for your smartphone.

Google Patents The Mark Of The Beast; The Vampire Watch A Mini Particle Accelerator

The mark of the beast is truly coming about right before our very eyes. Google recently patented a device which is worse than the RFID chip and could easily...

Russia Calls For A ‘Post-West’ World Order – New World Order Agenda Coming To...

The world is currently undergoing a stability crisis, that could lead to World War Three and end in a New World Order.

Islam Set To Overtake Christianity As Most Popular Religion, While US Population Also Rapidly...

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and will overtake Christianity as the most popular before the end of this century, according to an analysis of religious surveys published Tuesday by the Pew Research Center.

Ectogenesis: Creating Trans-species, Transhuman, Transgenic Beings, and Artificial Humans

Ectogenesis, the dawn of the New World Order begins; literally. America is living in the age of acceptance and what follows the current agenda is as follows; transhuman, transgenic, transspecies, and Artificial Humans.

Project Crystal Ball? U.S. Military and Intelligence Agencies Dabbles in Forecasting the Future

The US military and intelligence agencies are attempting to dabble in forecasting the future to create what they call a “superforecaster.”

The End of Everything Has Begun: The New World Order and The Fourth Industrial...

Humanity is sitting on the brink of a New World Order that is coming in the form of a Fourth Industrial Revolution and Sustainable Development.

Philly Student Uncomfortable Sharing Bathrooms With Opposite Sex Told to ‘Tolerate It,’ ‘Make It...

A Philadelphia high school student who was required to share bathrooms with members of the opposite sex was reportedly told by a school administrator to "tolerate it" and "make...

CHILLING: ‘Pull off a Leg or Two.’ Abortionists Admit to Tearing Babies Limb from...

In a disturbing new video released by the Center for Medical Progress, attendees at the 2014 and 2015 National Abortion Federation (NAF) conventions discuss openly their experiences performing abortions.

The Devil is Real: Crazy Footage Surfaces From Rio of Possessed Man with Gunshot...

Footage has surfaced of a man walking around a hospital in Rio with a gunshot wound to the face. The video is rather disturbing, so please viewer discretion is advised.

Disney Files Patent for ‘Soft’ GIANT Humanoid Robots to Play with YOUR Kids

Disney has over time shocked the world with their satanic symbolism and occult imagery throughout their motion pictures, figures, and creations. However, now Disney has filed for a patent to create a humanoid robot to play with kids, what could go wrong?

Google Artificial Intelligence Created it’s Own ‘Offspring’ Paving Way For ‘Computer-Born Entities’

Artificial Intelligence in the 'world of tech’ is the next big thing, but that world is bridging with ours. Computer scientists at Google have developed a form of AI which is creating its own ‘children.’

Nike Partners With Mindfulness, Meditation App Headspace, Introducing New Age Practices to Runners

The footwear and apparel corporation Nike has partnered with the mindfulness and meditation app Headspace, introducing the practices to runners worldwide with the goal of boosting athletic focus and...

Technocracy Rising: Ready to live in a “Smart City?”

Are you familiar with the concept of a “smart city?” MasterCard, Big Data, and corporations alike are striving towards smart cities because when the governments meet their end, smart cities will be the hubs of the New World Order.

Mysterious ‘Area 6’ Landing Strip in Nevada Desert Baffles Experts

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSFA9MOFEo0 A mysterious, mile-long landing strip in the remote Nevada desert could be the home base for testing sensors on a top-secret fleet of drones, security experts speculate. As seen in...

Growing Trend: Embedding The RFID Chip in Hand, The Mark of the Beast

The alarming, growing trend of embedding the RFID chip under ones skin hits a new level. Roughly 30-40 thousands individuals around the world have the RFID chip, or one like it, already implanted within their skin.

Nazi Technology on Steroids: The Coming Augmented Reality, Where Computers Are ‘Alive’ and Cognitive

Are you ready for a world where technology and man are one? Science and technology have brought us to the point of "cyber-physical systems" which will soon exist, and this new reality is rapidly unfolding.

Weaponized Artificial Intelligence Set To Create Autonomous Nightmare in 2018 – Mike Lynch

Ready for the autonomous apocalypse? Weaponized artificial intelligence is set to make headlines in 2018 for the first time.

WATCH: Planned Parenthood VP Repeatedly Won’t Say if an Unborn Baby is a Human...

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson put Planned Parenthood Vice President Dawn Laguens on the spot Monday when he repeatedly asked her what she thinks about babies in the womb.

A shocking look inside one of Hollywood’s sex cults, all in the name of...

Allison Mack, who played Clark Kent's sidekick Chloe Sullivan on the long-running CW series Smallville, has been outed as a high-ranking member of a sex cult. New York Times reported details last month that the cult brands, beats and starves its members all in the name of “self-help.”

Gay Progressive ‘Christians’ Are Destroying Christianity

The Christian identity, a relationship with Jesus Christ, requires that one forsake himself, and take up his cross, and follow Him. However, gay progressive Christians are instead, placing themselves before God.

Are We Witnessing End Time Wars and Rumors of Wars Bible Prophecy Unfold?

God almighty in all His glory gave mankind a roadmap of the days ahead, and what is taking place today in the Middle East is potentially a spitting image of that. By far the most blatant example is the destruction of Damascus mentioned in the Book of Isaiah.

1984: China Implements Social Credit System – Bans People From Travel, Increases Surveillance on...

Modern Technology has its benefits for the everyday citizen, but what happens when a government utilizes that same technology against the average ordinary person? China has spent millions of dollars...

BREAKING: Did CERN Just Open A Parallel Universe? Another Ghost City Spotted in the...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mv0wnkkuj8 The truth about CERN's activities has been shrouded in mystery since its formation 61 years ago. Another parallel city opened up in China, just days away from the opening...

Red Alert: The Satanic Temple To Open International Headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts

The satanic temple is set to open their headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts. The nationally recognized political and religious organization will open the doors of its new command center on Friday, September 23rd, 2016.

Christian Organizations Labeled Hate Groups on Top Charity Site

Several Christian organizations known for their advocacy on behalf of traditional marriage and families were recently labeled hate groups on one of America’s top charity research sites, GuideStar.

Mysterious “Giant” Figure Walking on top of the clouds Spotted? (Video)

Passenger Nick O'Donoghue was on board an EasyJet flight flying back from Austria to Cork when his fellow passengers began to point to a strange phenomenon outside the aircraft. Mr....

BOMBSHELL: Breakthrough in Mind Control Technologies Paves the Way For the NWO

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i6alMHKwok Imagine being controlled by a pianist, this is literally what the elite plan to do to mankind, through the use of this new technology. Just how far does it...

Is it true? Did the mark of the beast really just come about?!

The ultimate future of money has yet to be seen, however, the truth is, that it is already known. The mark of the beast will undoubtedly be coming about...

Major Alert The New Phase of Personal Espionage is Upon us and it is...

The new phase of espionage is upon us. This war is right at our doorsteps; this war is for our privacy. Wifi routers, what has become essential to every...

SOROS is Going Down; Billionaire Militant Leftists Are Still Building the New World Order

George Soros, the infamous man behind the scenes of several organizations that are actively attempting to bring down the rule of law in the United States of America.

Twitter trend ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ has teens trying to summon demon | FOX5 San...

Few will understand and heed this warning do not allow your kids to play with demons. Few understand the world we live in, the spiritual world that is. The brainwashing...

International Monetary Fund to Relocate Headquarters from United States to Communist China

Head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde says the organization may move its headquarters from Washington DC to Beijing in a decade if the growth trend in China and other major emerging markets continues.

Artificial Human: Gene Editing, Designer Babies, and More All Go LIVE By the End...

By the end of 2017; the beginning of the Artificial human, gene editing and designer babies could be available to the public - if the human trials are a success.

New Years Alert: Major CERN Update They Opened The Sky

Are you conCERNed yet? You should be. According to video evidence posted in December 2015 CERN opened a portal, this time not over a distant land but right over...

Thousands of Swedes are inserting microchips into themselves – here’s why

Thousands of people in Sweden have inserted microchips, which can function as contactless credit cards, key cards and even rail cards, into their bodies. Once the chip is underneath...

Ancient Wars Return: The Oldest Depiction Of Ancient Egyptian Demons Found

What may be the oldest depiction of one of the most fearsome demons in ancient Egypt was recently discovered. The modern world is oblivious to the reality of spiritual warfare; even though every aspect of reality is manipulated by what goes on in the invisible.

China, Where Thinking is Illegal: The Communist Nation Ramps Up Detaining ‘Thought Criminals’ Driven...

Thousands of people have disappeared from the face of China with no explanation as to where they went or what has happened to them after Chinese authorities took them...

Modern Day Gas Chamber: New ‘Suicide Machine’ With A Detachable Coffin Unveiled

A high-tech death machine explicitly built for killing yourself was just 3d printed. The Sarco Capsule is being touted by depopulationists as a way to efficiently and effortlessly kill one’s self.

Six Hundred Christian Warriors Put The Cross On Their Foreheads And Are Now Fighting...

Iraq’s first Christian-only brigade of regular forces graduated Thursday to help retake the community’s towns and villages from the Islamic State group while they put the mark of God...

Will America embrace Kacey Musgraves new ‘space country, galactic cosmic country?’

The transformation of country music into what now sounds like basic pop with a little twang is a sad reflection of the deteriorating country culture. With the world becoming rapidly urbanized, factory farms replacing homesteads, and corporations swallowing up small businesses, it's not surprising the deep country of the past is being weeded out and replaced with what country artist Kacey Musgraves calls "cosmic country."

In China, a robot has started delivering packages to people

Jingdong, or JD.com, China’s second-biggest e-commerce company after Alibaba, sent robots to deliver items for the first time yesterday (June 18), on the last day of a two-week-long shopping bonanza that recorded sales of around $17.6 billion, according to a spokesman with the company.

Could the police replay murder victims’ memories after they DIE?

Our memories leave a clear and unique genetic mark on our brains. That's the remarkable discovery of scientists in Israel who say these genetic markers could be used to unlock...

Amazon patents beehive-like structure to house delivery drones in cities

If Amazon has its way, cities around the US will have vertical drone centers shaped like giant beehives in the middle of downtown districts, allowing the online retailer to coordinate speedy deliveries by unmanned aircrafts.


According to 'Mike from around the world,' a massive "wave of energy" is set to rock planet earth in the next couple of weeks.

Christians: Comply with the LGBT Rules or Become Unemployed

A man is standing tall for his faith in Champaign, Illinois against the LGBT mandatory regulations and because of his faith, he may lose his job. This instance sends a message to Christians near and far, comply or be out of work; and that is plainly unacceptable not to mention illegal.

Surprise! NSA Data Will Soon Routinely be Used for Domestic Policing LEGALLY

Government overreach just reached a lot further; the NSA is now set to share data with local police. The Obama administration is on the verge of permitting the National...

Is Pope Francis Facilitating Sex Abuse Within The Catholic Church?

A leading member of a group advising Pope Francis on how to root out sex abuse in the Catholic Church quit in frustration on Wednesday, citing "shameful" resistance within the Vatican.

The USA Just Approved HUMAN Embryo Genome Modification Research – Paving the Way...

Sometime very soon the first humans to be genetically edited will be born, and the United States just paved the way.

Student Satanists Host Bible Burning and Lamb Sacrificing Event At Clemson University

Students at Clemson University announced plans to ‘sacrifice a lamb, perform bloodletting, and bible burning’ via a poster posted on school grounds. The event was scheduled for March 11th, 2017;...