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The early Church believed that they were living in the end times, present tense, and such a belief should be carried on today. Coverage in this section relates to how our current era and generations display the inflection points in culture and society away from the Biblical roots of our society, generations and culture. Subscribe to the Turning Point

China, Russia, Japan, and South Korea are all taking part in the plan to create a ‘Super Grid’ which will “power the world,” and is a part of global goal nine.
Fifty Nobel prize winners recently met to discuss and vote on the biggest threats facing humanity, their responses range from Donald Trump to Nuclear War, to Climate Change, and or science itself.
"Once a month at Black Sheep Burrito & Brews in Huntington West Virginia, the government sanctioned organization abominably dubbed  “Huntington Pride” hosts an event called "Drag Me to Brunch". This is an “all ages” event where patrons in the...
One word...unbelievable. On December 27th, 2015 Pope Francis equated himself with Jesus Christ. In fact he didn’t just equate himself, he equated everyone with Jesus Christ. Christians near and far need to understand every aspect of what the pope...
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief once tipped to become French president before a hotel worker in New York City accused him of sexual assault, went on trial in France on Monday in a separate case of allegedly procuring prostitutes. Strauss-Kahn,...
It’s 2025, and somehow someway over half of the population of the United States vanished. The question is where did everybody go?
It is an absolute fact that artificial intelligence will one day rule the world. For a preview of what will actually happen; Tay, Bill Gate's AI, took to twitter to voice it's opinion. Tay announced that Bush was behind...
For many in the tech world, self-driving cars are an absolute future, however, to the rest of America they are just a dreaded possibility. WATE a local news station in Knoxville, Tennessee polled their social media platforms and requested if their followers were "ready to ride in a self-driving vehicle.” The response from the overwhelming majority, ninety percent, stated no.
A senior Vatican official was charged with multiple sexual offenses by Australian police.
The World Economic Forum is set for their annual meeting Davos for 2017, but before their meeting, the globalists and elitists released their flagship annual report for 2017, which paints capitalism reform at the most important.
The robotics devolution is here and it’s down right freaky. Soft robotics are set to gain the ability of human senses, soft exoskeletons, and will shortly be able to literally change shapes.
Taking possession to a whole new level, scientists have figured out how to hack the brain to control limbs and body movements.