Satanists Worried about “Satanic Panic” Protest a Therapists Conference

The International Society for the study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) just finished their 35th annual conference last weekend in Chicago, in which they discussed "where thought leaders in treatment, research, and training are headed" and apparently the Satanic Temple found the conference a to be a threat.

Burning Man just released their 2018 theme and you won’t guess what it is

burning man, a ritualistic new age event of desolation. Burning Man released their plans for 2018, appropriately theming the Black Rock

Subversion of the Church: Methodist Church Ordains First Openly Transgender Individual

The Bible clearly states who will inherit the kingdom of God, but that didn’t stop the Methodist Church from naming their first transgender minister, a man and father of...

After School Satanist Club Wages War on the Bible Belt of America and They’re...

The satanic temple is coming for the Bible Belt, and they're gunning for the children. Through an organization called the After School satan Club, the satanic temple is attempting to sway the minds of the youth into satanism.

Satanic Temple Wages War on American Troops; Will Erect ‘Luciferian Light’ Memorial to Dead...

The satanic temple is set to erect a monument to ‘honor’ fallen soldiers right beside a Christian memorial at Belle Plaine's Veterans Memorial Park in Minnesota.

The Luciferian Takeover: New Blasphemous Movie The Shack Depicts God As a Woman, The...

Luciferian, occultic, new age teachings within the movie The Shack are attempting to alter Scripture and sway believers.

Oklahoma Under Attack By Satanic Organization Yet Again

Oklahoma is under attack once again by a satanist organization, that is seeking to remove an ordinance outlawing the distribution of literature profanely mocking Christianity.

Art ‘Museum From Hell’ Opened Up UNDER The Atlantic, and You Won’t Believe What’s...

An eerie museum has sprung up recently in a very odd location, deep under the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

The Horrifying Reality of The Elites and Their Connections To Satanic Pedophile Rings

Often throughout society, there is a class of ‘elites, ’ and more often than not, they are directly involved with satanic pedophile rings.

New Age of Deception, Madness, and Acceptance is Here; Priest Granted Right to Wear...

The New Age of acceptance, madness, and deception is upon the land of America, and has been getting worse by the day - in Millinocket, Maine a man who identifies as a Pagan was granted the right to wear horns for an id photo.

There’s A War For Your Soul: Churches are being Infiltrated by ‘Deceptive Cults’

Churches across England are reporting that a deceptive cult is attempting to ‘enlighten’ members of the UK’s largest congregations, through ‘deception and control.’

After School Satan Goes To Washington – Satanists Target Kindergartners With Lies From the...

The satanists are on the move, this time they are going after kindergartners in Tacoma, Washington. After school satan is set to open its doors on December 14th, 2016.
satanic temple

Why Does the Satanic Temple Want to Keep The Remains of Aborted Babies?

The Satanic Temple issued a statement about the up and coming law set to go into effect on December 19th, 2016 requiring aborted fetal remains be either buried or cremated.

The Religious Brain Project: Sin is Equal To God, According To Scientists and Researchers

Scientists from the religious brain project now claim that God has the same effect on the brain as lovemaking, ecstasy, and music.

Hundreds arrested as Canadian police smash worldwide pedophile ring in 2013

A giant pedophile ring with a worldwide reach was broken apart during a three-year inquiry which led to the arrests of hundreds of individuals, including clergymen and teachers, and the rescue of nearly 400 children who were at risk, Canadian police have revealed.

The Precipice of the End: What in the World Just Appeared in the Clouds...

There shall be signs in the heavens and tokens in the Earth beneath, that is a depiction given to all mankind about the approximation of the end times. The...

End Times: The Nation’s First State-Sanctioned Satanic Ceremony Just Took Place

Detroit, Michigan; what was once a beautiful city; filled with industrialization is now a destroyed city ravished by thugs, gangs, violence, bankruptcy, and, of course, the satanic church. On December...

Strange Humanoid Creature Discovered In Paraguay (VIDEO)

Recently in Paraguay a strange humanoid creature has been discovered. The question is just what is this mysterious creature, and why is it here now? The analysis of this...