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The Indiana Chapter of the Satanic Temple has adopted a highway in a rural stretch of Zionsville the sign is causing a stir among residents. The Indiana Department of Transportation's Adopt-a-Highway program allows organizations to place their names on a...
Jennifer Ann Jasmaine, a transgender who identifies as a wiccan is suing North Carolinas Lanesboro Correctional Institution for halting her practice of witchcraft. She believes that those in charge of religious services at the prison are restricting what she says...
The International Society for the study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) just finished their 35th annual conference last weekend in Chicago, in which they discussed "where thought leaders in treatment, research, and training are headed" and apparently the Satanic Temple found the conference a to be a threat.
burning man, a ritualistic new age event of desolation. Burning Man released their plans for 2018, appropriately theming the Black Rock
The Bible clearly states who will inherit the kingdom of God, but that didn’t stop the Methodist Church from naming their first transgender minister, a man and father of two, after he came out to the congregation. Joy Everingham, a...
The satanic temple is set to erect a monument to ‘honor’ fallen soldiers right beside a Christian memorial at Belle Plaine's Veterans Memorial Park in Minnesota.
Luciferian, occultic, new age teachings within the movie The Shack are attempting to alter Scripture and sway believers.
Oklahoma is under attack once again by a satanist organization, that is seeking to remove an ordinance outlawing the distribution of literature profanely mocking Christianity.
An eerie museum has sprung up recently in a very odd location, deep under the waters of the Atlantic ocean.
Often throughout society, there is a class of ‘elites, ’ and more often than not, they are directly involved with satanic pedophile rings.
Churches across England are reporting that a deceptive cult is attempting to ‘enlighten’ members of the UK’s largest congregations, through ‘deception and control.’
The Satanic Temple issued a statement about the up and coming law set to go into effect on December 19th, 2016 requiring aborted fetal remains be either buried or cremated.