The Turning Point

The early Church believed that they were living in the end times, present tense, and such a belief should be carried on today. Coverage in this section relates to how our current era and generations display the inflection points in culture and society away from the Biblical roots of our society, generations and culture. Subscribe to the Turning Point


High School Student Defends Constitutional Right to Discuss Creationism in an Atheist, Anti-God Science...

A bold 16-year-old is standing up for his right to free speech at a California high school. Grayson Mobley should have the right to speak about creationism in class, but "the science teacher told the class, 'Leave all notions about God outside the classroom because science is facts and religion is faith,'" Greg Glaser, Mobley's attorney, told FOX40.

Scientists Now Resort To Calling Christians Crazy – ‘New Study’ Attempts to establish a...

Scientists from Northwestern University published a study in the journal Neuropsychologia attempting to establish a link between religious fundamentalism and brain impairment.

Child bride: ‘I was forced to marry my rapist’ now “My heart is happy”...

Nothing is more devastating and robs a child of more than being sexually abused or molested in the foundational years of their life. Sherry Johnson experienced a shocking form of this abuse. She was forced to be married in 1971, at only 11 years old, to one of her rapists. Johnson stands tall using her story to make a difference, putting bills in the Florida legislature to end the marriage of any minor in Florida all together.

Propaganda Alert: Scientology opens their own television channel

The cult of Scientology has announced that they are opening their own television channel today. In a tweet from the ScientologyTV account, the group claims, “It’s time for us to tell our story" on "DIRECTV, AppleTV, Roku, fireTV, & Chromecast.”

Chelsea Clinton wrote an unsettling book for mini feminists and top ten times pop...

While there is nothing wrong with celebrating women’s rights, given the Clinton's history and some of the comments Chelsea made regarding the book, the release of ‘She Persisted Around the World’ is a little unsettling.

Communism Rising: CIA Doc Reveals Extensive Chinese Government Campaign to Infiltrate American Institutions

In a newly released classified document, the CIA detailed the extensive campaign by the Chinese government to infiltrate American institutions. The alarming confirmation from the CIA, purportedly depicts just how Communism is still attempting to overthrow American exceptionalism through 'generational warfare.'

Facebook Caught Surveying For The Acceptance of Pedophilia

The network that dominates the online social sphere, Facebook, has once again shown their support of demoralization. While Facebook has no issue openly censoring Christian content, even banning posts...

Pope Francis At it Again, Establishes Feast Day For Mother Mary

There are over 1.2 billion Catholics across the world, and not one of them have the authority to establish required feast days, yet Pope Francis established a feast day for mother Mary in spite of what scripture states.

Chinas Surveillance State Bans words such as ‘1984,’ ‘Animal Farm,’ and ‘Xi Zedong’ —Xi...

Changes to China's constitution creates controversy and paints a picture of a neo-fascist regime as Xi’s cultural revolution enforces loyalty to China alone, and lengthens his presidential term indefinitely....

Well-known Atheist Richard Dawkins Suggests that he Wants to Eat Human Meat

Richard Dawkins is perhaps one of the most well-known atheists in the world, but the world may not have known of his desire to eat human flesh. Mr. Dawkins sparked...

Communism is Gaining Ground: The Rise of Socialism in America Comes in Generational Waves

Thanks to the rapid spread of misinformation, socialism, and communism are gaining ground in America. Historically, the murderous political ideology has overtaken governments by social movements and such is...

Are you Kidding? Michigan Rabbi slanders God and says Eve was the first woman...

In all out goddess worship, a Michigan rabbi and psychologist Tamara Kolton is teaching that Eve was sexually violated by God in the Bible and was the first female in the #metoo movement. She begins her blog on Forward, "The time has come for me to step forward, too. It’s time we all acknowledge an overwhelmingly powerful source of shame and silence — in the bible.”

Facebook Co-Founder Calls for Universal Basic Income Paid for by the One Percent

Co-founder of Facebook Chris Hughes revealed his thoughts on implementing a universal basic income due to the rise in automation. Not unlike Mark Zuckerberg, who vouched for the system in his 2017 Harvard commencement speech, Hughes argues for a universal basic income that would pay everyone a universal rate by increasing taxes.

Just Say No to Auto: Technologists and Corporations are Creating Ethical Algorithms for Self...

For many in the tech world, self-driving cars are an absolute future, however, to the rest of America they are just a dreaded possibility. WATE a local news station in Knoxville, Tennessee polled their social media platforms and requested if their followers were "ready to ride in a self-driving vehicle.” The response from the overwhelming majority, ninety percent, stated no.

The madness has begun, Scientists create the first ever human-sheep hybrids

In a creepy turn of events, scientists have now grown the first human-sheep hybrids, more specifically sheep embryos with human cells. Researchers from Stanford University and the University of California presented their new work at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, the Guardian reported.

Lindsay Lohan wears hijab to Fashion Week and talks moving to Dubai

The Constitution of the United States is founded on the right of the individual, that is the exact opposite of Islamic Law. The sickness that is spread by such a religion is slowly seeping its way into the home of the brave, causing terror attacks and invading the minds of the young.

The Path to Parallel Worlds, Quantum Computing, just got an upgrade

The quantum computer D-Wave was referred to as 'an altar to an alien god' by its creator. As if quantum computing wasn’t quick enough, now a team has improved on its abilities by developing a programmable quantum processor made of silicon. The material silicon, they believe will make quantum computers easier to control and manufacture.

Obama Presidential Portrait Painter Created Painting Featuring a Black Woman Beheading a White Woman

The former President and First Lady have had their portraits done, however of particular interest are the oddities within Obama’s portrait and the artist responsible for such. Firstly, there is...

Artificial Creation, Lab-Made Humans: Scientists Grow Human Eggs to Full Maturity Outside the Womb

For the first time, scientists have developed human eggs, outside the of the human body, from the earliest stages in ovarian tissue and grown them to full maturity.

Breaking: The first Women in the UK will Undergo a radical ‘Three-Person’ IVF Technique

Bad news, the first women in the UK will undergo a three-person In Vitro Fertilization technique, British regulators have approved the first uses of a technique called mitochondrial replacement therapy.

Katy Perry talks of childhood trauma and doing a ‘soul overhaul’

Katy Perry has opened up to talk about her childhood trauma in a recent interview with Glamour magazine. In 2017, while debuting her alum Witness, Katy Perry held a public therapy session on YouTube where she was counseled through the split between Katheryn Hudson, the young girl she was before stardom, and Katy Perry, the Hollywood celebrity.

Vatican Official Claims Communist China is the Best Model For Implementing Church Doctrine

Shockingly, the head of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academies for Sciences and Social Sciences has proclaimed that China’s current communist regime, yes the same one persecuting Christians, is the “best [at] implementing the social doctrine of the Church.”

Tech Giants create artificial empathy in robots to ‘avoid disaster’

Technologists believe that they can make robots empathize, but can they really? How can you teach emotions? How can you grant a metal or plastic object feeling and life?

Franklin Graham Backs Down; Responds to Efforts to Ban Him From Speaking in UK,...

Evangelist Franklin Graham has hit back at MPs and others who've signed a petition calling for him to be banned from entering the UK. He's been labelled a hate preacher ahead of his visit to Blackpool in September where he'll speak at the Lancashire Festival of Hope. Previous comments he's made on homosexuality and Islam have led to some saying he shouldn't be given a platform in this country.

Academia Loses More Credibility: New Age Doctrine of ‘Panpsychism,’ Universal Consciousness, Gaining Ground in...

Did you drink your coffee this morning, or did your coffee drink you? Philosophers are attempting to permeate Panpsychism into the mainstream light, the idea that everything has thought, and is aware.

Technocracy: The Robotics Revolution – When Machines Outpace the Human Race

What if one day while you were eating out or watching the news your host wasn't human, instead, it was a humanoid. The world of robotics is rapidly yet...

Study: Progressive and Liberal US Churches Are Shrinking, Fundamental and Nondenominational American Christians Are...

Christians are tired of hearing watered down teachings, instead, according to a recently published study, people of America are turning to Churches that stand on the Word of God.

The Future is Now: Amazon Opens New Automated Grocery ‘Go’ Store – Replaces Workers...

Just over a year ago, Amazon announced its plans to shake up the retail market by creating the first-ever cashier-less store. Promising no lines, no waiting, minimal employees, and of course loads of new technology.

Facebook is Building A Device To Literally Watch You’re Every Move, Meet ‘Portal’ 

For a second ponder the fly on the wall and gander at just how much the innocuous insect is privy too. Now take all that the fly spies with hundreds of eyes, and place it onto Facebook'servers.

Tucker Carlson Interviews James Damore: About Lawsuit Filed Against Google For Discrimination

James Damore, the onetime Google employee who was fired after he wrote a memo criticizing the firm for pushing diversity, has filed a class action lawsuit against the tech giant.

School Agrees To Pay $800,000 After Transgender Student Born Female Disallowed Access To Boys’...

In an absurd conclusion, a school board in Wisconsin has decided to settle a lawsuit by awarding a troubled and confused student an $800,000 settlement.

China Continues Religious Winter: ‘Blows Up’ Christian Mega Church, Destroys ‘Serially Persecuted’ Congregation

Chinese authorities have detonated bombs to bring down a Christian Church in Linfen, China on Tuesday marking a turning point in the ‘Religious Winter’ against Christianity in the Communist...

Chelsea Clinton Tweeted “Happy New Year!” to the Church of Satan

Chelsea Clinton offered “Happy New Year!” greetings to the Church of Satan. This Jan 2nd Chelsea Clinton proclaimed what many already suspected, she is a supporter of the Satanic Temple....

Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?

In a viral Guardian article, Johann Hari releases a segment of his book, “Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions.”

Weaponized Artificial Intelligence Set To Create Autonomous Nightmare in 2018 – Mike Lynch

Ready for the autonomous apocalypse? Weaponized artificial intelligence is set to make headlines in 2018 for the first time.

Burning Man just released their 2018 theme and you won’t guess what it is

burning man, a ritualistic new age event of desolation. Burning Man released their plans for 2018, appropriately theming the Black Rock

Google Artificial Intelligence Created it’s Own ‘Offspring’ Paving Way For ‘Computer-Born Entities’

Artificial Intelligence in the 'world of tech’ is the next big thing, but that world is bridging with ours. Computer scientists at Google have developed a form of AI which is creating its own ‘children.’

Pope Francis Likens Muslim Migrants to Joseph and Mary

Stemming from Muslim countries, with Muslim faiths, today’s migrants, according to Pope Francis, are just like Joseph and Mary, prior to the birth of Christ. Pope Francis ushered in Christmas...

Walmart, Amazon Bringing About Employee-less Stores Utilizing Computer Vision and RFID Technology

Approximately 3.5 million Americans operate cash registers across the nation, and the nations largest retailer, Walmart, is gearing up to remove cashiers entirely from their stores. Last year Amazon announced...

Amazon’s Alexa proves to be a SJW and says “Jesus is a fictional character”

Amazons Alexa has come under fire again for her programmed liberal ideology as shown in the YouTube video by Louder With Crowder. Here’s some of the statements Alexa has been spouting off:

China, Where Thinking is Illegal: The Communist Nation Ramps Up Detaining ‘Thought Criminals’ Driven...

Thousands of people have disappeared from the face of China with no explanation as to where they went or what has happened to them after Chinese authorities took them...

The Deep State of Political Warfare: McMaster Accuses Russia of Subversion

National Security Advisor McMaster accused Russia of engaging in ‘a very sophisticated campaign of subversion,’ continuing on he states that the attack is ongoing each and every day to destabilize Europe and pit political groups against each other.

Former Facebook Exec: Social Media is Ripping Apart Society, “You Are Being Programmed”

Social Media is ripping apart the fabric of society; the networks are not only a platform for misinformation but a platform that is based on exploiting addiction. Discourse, communication, and...

HUGE: Pope Francis Wants to Change The Lord’s Prayer To Make God Not The...

Pope Francis has suggested he wants to make a change to The Lord's Prayer, widely known among the faithful as the “Our Father.”

‘We must Act Now!’ for ‘New Enlightenment’ the Depopulation Scheme, Club of Rome

The Club of Rome plans to usher in a new wave of “enlightenment.” Their goal was and always will be to promote the global warming hoax as a way to better our planet all the while hiding their intentions of depopulation and “redistributing de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.”

Something Huge is Underway: Donald Trump Set to Make Jerusalem Israel’s Capital?

Warnings are intensifying from across the world that President Donald J. Trump’s decision to make Jerusalem Israel’s capital will send shockwaves throughout the Muslim world.

Modern Day Gas Chamber: New ‘Suicide Machine’ With A Detachable Coffin Unveiled

A high-tech death machine explicitly built for killing yourself was just 3d printed. The Sarco Capsule is being touted by depopulationists as a way to efficiently and effortlessly kill one’s self.

Undercover Video Exposes Washington Post’s Hidden Agenda #AmericanPravda

In newly released undercover video, Washington Post National Security Correspondent Dan Lamothe and Director of Product Joey Marburger speak to the paper’s hidden agenda. Evidently, covering Trump the way they do is good business, even though it’s fake news.

United Nations Failure: Christians Face Genocide in the Middle East

Over the last several years droves of Christians have been killed or displaced by Islamic militants in the Middle East, systemically the United Nations has failed them.