The Turning Point

The early Church believed that they were living in the end times, present tense, and such a belief should be carried on today. Coverage in this section relates to how our current era and generations display the inflection points in culture and society away from the Biblical roots of our society, generations and culture. Subscribe to the Turning Point

According to a study done by the researchers at Northwestern University, damage in a particular part of the brain is linked to an increase in religious fundamentalism. In particular, lesions in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex reduced cognitive flexibility - the ability to challenge our beliefs based on new evidence.
Christians in China face yet more restrictions. The communist party is attempting to silence the voices and movement of Christians throughout China.
The cover of the Economist magazine for 2015 painted a very dark and grim picture for the future of mankind. However, the 2016 version shows an even worse fate. The Satanic Elite that runs our planet are gearing up...
burning man, a ritualistic new age event of desolation. Burning Man released their plans for 2018, appropriately theming the Black Rock
There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Katy Perry, everything from her appearance at the Met Ball to shaving her head points to the fact that Katy is having a mental breakdown after wheeling and dealing with the music industry.
As Christians throughout our history, oppression is common, persecution is common, silencing is common, but never a time has it been so widespread.
THE TRUTH ABOUT JACK HYLES Beware of the Wolves in Sheepskin The Snakes that Run Our Churches Exposed The Truth about the Jack Hyles Pastor Army There are 55 individual eyewitness testimonies to confirm the following allegations below: Most of the...
Nvidia, the well-known graphics conglomerate is stepping into governance. The company is aiming to aid the government through Artificial Intelligence by parsing the video graphics of the day to day in mega cities.
The RFID chip is a well-known microchip tracker, placed in both dogs and cell phones. Are humans next? According to Dr. Oz, and his producers getting chipped is the next big thing.
The United Methodist Church has reached a new low by ordaining a transgender individual who does not identify as a male of female. Confusion is of the devil, for God is not the author of confusion - how can a Christian congregation not understand that?
A Canadian Preacher was arrested in the United Kingdom for allegedly making homophobic comments. David Lynn, a nondenominational ministry leader, and a subject to, what appears to be, a campaign against free speech in the U.K., was detained for...
Ready for the autonomous apocalypse? Weaponized artificial intelligence is set to make headlines in 2018 for the first time.