The use of facial recognition software is growing, so much that it is down right scary. The use of such technology violates the privacy of every human granted to us by God and inked in the United States Constitution,...
Taking possession to a whole new level, scientists have figured out how to hack the brain to control limbs and body movements.
Technology will eventually replace many jobs across the world, but now, at least in Germany, robots may takeover the priesthood.
Artificial intelligence has arrived in the court systems and its already incriminating citizens.
Researchers have successfully grown a brain cell, neuron, on a chip. While this is not the result that futurists are hoping for, it is a step in that direction.
In the past couple of years ‘assistant’ technology has grown drastically from Siri and Cortana to the Echo or the Google Home, but now, meet Duo. The creepy new mirror that not only will watch you undress but will also dish out the latest news, control your house’s climate, monitor your calendar, and more.
Coming upon the Earth like a whirlwind is the rapidly approaching paradox of autonomous technology, where humans are no longer needed to be in control of the technology they own, rather the technology will do everything on its own. The Next phase is the self-driving car, and Cadillac just created the ‘First True Hands-Free' Self-Driving Technology.
Super-humans and the end of all disease, that is the supposed agenda of biotechnology. But in reality, these scientists just don't want to die, most likely because they know who they'll have to meet.
According to Brain Cox, a famous English physicist and a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Manchester; “ghosts and the paranormal don’t exist because CERN and the LHC would have discovered them by now.”
Humanity is rapidly changing, and with that change comes the mixing of biology and technology. Scientists and researchers seek to give mankind a ’Sixth sense,’ but the cabal seek to use technology to close the prison doors. A mysterious, mile-long landing strip in the remote Nevada desert could be the home base for testing sensors on a top-secret fleet of drones, security experts speculate. As seen in images from Google Earth, the asphalt landing strip is in...
The New Age Deception is afoot, and technology is paving the way for an interconnected reality, known as the Hive Mind. Virtual Reality has it’s stake in playing a large role in paving the way towards such a world.