At a leading boarding school in Uppingham, England, boys are now allowed to wear skirts. The school costs roughly Fifty thousand dollars a year for attendance and houses both boys and girls.

Richard Maloney, who joined Uppingham school in September 2016, said: “I would hope that any pupil could come to me and say, ‘This is who we are, this is how we wish to express ourselves. We want to wear these clothes’, and we would probably allow that.”

Many schools across England have adopted “gender neutral” clothing to ‘be more inclusive,’ but Uppingham has gone a step further and adopted skirts for boys, for children who wish to be identified as such.

Uppingham is not the only school concerned with radical inclusivity, rather another school in London, Highgate school in North London, which costs around thirty thousand dollars per year to attend, adopted a similar policy.

Last year, alumni of Highgate reacted with outrage towards the new policies, one letter addressed to the headteacher expressed outrage towards the new policies including verbiage such as “this preposterous proposal.”

A total of eighty state schools had adopted similar policies in 2016, but now even more schools are attempting to maintain the ‘radical inclusivity narrative,’ regardless of the mental health precautions issued by counselors and psychiatrists alike.

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