Tennessee School Taught Children Science Versus Religion in History Class – “Everything Your Parents Are Teaching You is a Lie”

At Southwind High School in Memphis Tennessee, a History Teacher attempted to teach students that science disproves religion. Furthermore, that ‘everything your grandparents and parents are teaching you is a lie.’

Notes taken by the granddaughter of the complainant read; “Science explains mature course. The bible is based on faith, not evidence. The church cannot be a source because it is just a building.”

Jackson, the complainant, stated that her grandson was actually forced into a group that was separated by religion and science. Further, her granddaughter also said that everything they learned came from a power point, which she wrote down on paper.

“The group he put my grandson in was the group that was scientific over religion, so he told him ‘I don’t believe in scientific over religion.’ That’s when the teacher told him, ‘Well, you can do two papers,” Jackson said.

Jackson regularly attends church with her family, and the course that was taught at the school was rather upsetting, however, when asked why the teacher did this, he said something about Mississippi laws;

“When they talked to him and asked why did he did it, he said something about Mississippi – something about Mississippi laws.”

The Shelby County School District, when asked about the course, said that high school students regularly discuss current events and trending topics during class, and the assignment was a result.

However, the teacher was instructed to cancel the assignment because it was not apart of the district’s curriculum.

“I really pray it helps other parents understand that there are people there with other beliefs, and they are trying to get our kids to believe in other things,” Jackson said.

Teachers have no authority to distinguish to students what is a lie and what is fact from what is taught to children at home, to do such removes the parental authority, as it levies disbelief into a students mind in regards to any subject.