Like your job? Not so fast, Artificial Intelligence is invading like the plague. Recently, an emotionally intelligent robot came to life ready to fulfill positions like receptionists, caretakers, and others alike. Touted as the first of its kind this “realistic” robot can communicate, recognize individuals, and recall previous conversations. The “creator” states that nadine, the name of the robot, is indistinguishable from a human. What is that supposed to mean?


Have we as a society become so robotic that man and machine are indistinguishable? Problem number one, technology itself has made us indistinguishable; all day glancing at the phones, all day working on computers, and all day continually interacting with technology has turned humans us into practically robots. Zoned out zombies, is more like it.

Is Nadine the future? According to Professor Nadia Thalmann, NTU’s director of Institute for Media Innovation, Nadine is a like a companion, or a sculpture with life. Problem number two, have we as a society become so lonely that technology is now considered a friend? The introduction of artificial technology into society, through phones, computers, and other technology, humans find themselves interacting with the interface more than people on a daily basis. In fact, it is estimated that humans check Facebook so much that will amount to roughly four years out of a single persons life span. That is a lot of time spent on social media, and how much of that time are people actually connecting with each other? Studies show that people actually feel more disconnected when on social media, or technology in general.

What does this all mean for the future? Counting on robots for future companions will do nothing but create more depression, and more of a robotic nature for mankind as a whole. Let’s face it this generation has a wake up call coming when that bubble suddenly pops, a whole lot of people are going to get really angry at how much of their lives have been wasted.

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