Google Patents The Mark Of The Beast; The Vampire Watch A Mini Particle Accelerator

The mark of the beast is truly coming about right before our very eyes. Google recently patented a device which is worse than the RFID chip and could easily be considered the actual Mark of the Beast called the Vampire Watch. What was quietly patented in 2014 by Google has only recently been revealed.

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It is a well-known fact that Google works hand in hand with the United States government, and it is no surprise that Google will play a major role in the downfall of mankind. Google is a wicked machine which seeks the destruction of freedom and the destruction of man.

The Vampire watch will work similar to a “mini particle accelerator”. This is where CERN and every other company around the globe operating particle accelerators play their role in bringing about the end times.

A particle accelerator that sucks your blood, and sends data back to the system is almost exactly what is described as the Mark of the Beast in the Bible.

May 23rd, 2016 marks the day that the world changed forever, today is the day that an RFID implant was used in its first transaction; marking the beginning of the Mark of the Beast.

“Just when you thought our data-driven lifestyles were getting a little weird, Google wants to make it creepy. The company just filed a patent application for a “needle-free blood draw” device that can be implanted in a wearable. It’s the vampiric smartwatch you never asked for.

All jokes aside, the invention looks pretty interesting and possibly deeply helpful for diabetics. As with the embattled startup Theranos, the new Google design isn’t exactly needle-free. It’s basically a really slick finger-pricking gadget that works by blasting a gas-powered microparticle into the skin and then draws a small vial of blood into a pressurized container. The device comes in a few different configurations, including the aforementioned blood-sucking wearable, and can be used to measure glucose levels.”

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It is vital that mankind understands that there is no aspect of this device which will benefit our health. This device will be used when in production to control, drug, and enslave mankind just as Revelation 13:16 GNV states

16 [a]And he made all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive [b]a [c]mark in their right hand or in their foreheads.

These are wicked times, like no other; surely people will wake up to the atrocities that Google commits almost daily. Surely, people will finally understand what yet another purpose of the particle accelerators are actually for; they are for opening dimensions which means that demonic spirits can easily walk in and out of your vessel. That is why it is called enslavement and that is another reason why it is called the mark of the beast.


Get ready folks, time is running out.

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