CERN Plans to Take Over the World Through Their “New” Sector, International Relations

CERN is now considered a global lab, influencing global governance, and attempting to change the opinions of the mass population through a new sector called International Relations.

Public Opinion and CERN

It’s all about perception, the perception of the masses influences stakeholders and public opinion about what’s going on at CERN. Interestingly enough, if CERN was doing the world a favor rather than trying to destroy it, they would not need to “sway” public opinion.

Through propaganda, the American government has deceived the masses into believing mainstream media, even though mainstream media publishes state sponsored lies.

With the level of deception that has invaded from media organizations all over the world, public opinion is fairly easy to sway; unless of course, the truth gets told.

Within their latest release, CERN mentions global governance as being more complex than ever, with overlapping challenges and a greater number of interlocutors. Interesting word choice because the word interlocutors, means conversations or a dialogue. Which would mean that the truth about CERN is burying them, and here is their call to action to do something about it.

Public opinion is being formed in new ways, driven by technological advances and political change. Global economic changes, with emerging countries gaining influence and clout, shape policy priorities in new ways – also in the scientific field. Support for fundamental science must be constantly nurtured, and partnerships are more necessary than ever.

CERN announced it’s new global vision, broken down into three parts:

It is against this background that the Director-General of CERN has now, for the first time, established an International Relations (IR) sector. The sector brings together entities within the Organization that are working on different aspects of our international engagement, and it provides a unique opportunity for CERN to strengthen the global dimension of its work.

The IR sector has three overarching objectives. First, to help strengthen CERN’s position as a global centre of excellence in science and research through sustained support from all stakeholders. Second, to contribute to shaping a global policy agenda that supports fundamental research, and includes science perspectives more generally. And third, connecting CERN with people across the world to inspire scientific curiosity and understanding.

It is within those few short paragraphs published on their website, that the truth gets revealed. CERN, is destroying itself like a snake eating its own tail. Due to the very nature of what’s actually going on at their labs, their new focus is on swaying public opinion, and global governance.