Why Does the Satanic Temple Want to Keep The Remains of Aborted Babies?

On 19 December 2016, a new Texas law will go into effect requiring aborted fetal remains be either buried or cremated. But The Satanic Temple, an atheistic activist organization that uses the legal system to counter laws influenced by religion, says their members are immune because the rule violates their tenets.


The Satanic Temple issued a statement about the up and coming law set to go into effect on December 19th, 2016 in Texas requiring aborted fetal remains be either buried or cremated. Texas follows in the footsteps of other states like Arkansas, Indiana, and Georgia who already require funerary handling of fetal remains. The satanic temple states that the new law violates their “tenets,” and that their members don’t have to comply.

Just one question, why does the Satanic temple want to keep the remains?


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The satanic temple released a statement;

The Satanic Temple (TST), an international religious organization, headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, has declared immunity for its members from the Texas rule requiring the cremation or burial of fetal remains that is slated to go into effect on December 19th. One of The Satanic Temple’s fundamental tenets is the inviolability of one’s body. As such, TST affirms that this rule violates their religious beliefs and their members may refuse to adhere.

By definition, the satanic temple claims to be an atheistic organization that uses the legal system to counter laws influenced by religion. However, with their own words the satanic temple is turning atheism into a public religion and one according to them, that is based solely on science. As it reads in their tenets:

  1. One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.
  2. Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs.

By using their own words, we can debunk their attempt to claim exempt from the new law set to go into effect.

How does burying a murdered unborn child, impact their beliefs? It doesn’t because, in their own words, one’s body is inviolable which means never to be broken or dishonored.

The murdered child is an individual body, thereby because the child was killed (he or she) has no voice to choose whether or not to be used as an experiment, for a ritual, or to be buried or cremated. This means that the satanists just negated their whole argument, making it void. In a court of law, their argument should have no standing, due to this very fact.

Because they worship the serpent, the original liar, you can’t believe a thing a satanist says. Their intentions are sick, demented, and cruel.

It all comes down to why in the world does the satanic temple want to ‘keep’ the murdered child?

Please pray for children whose lives are stolen from them in satanic practice. This is a real problem, it does happen and with every move they make to implement more of their agenda, like their attempt above, they get closer to their satanic acts being normalized and accepted. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the dark forces at work, we must pray against them, and pray that state law be upheld.

Please share and make sure everyone you know understands what’s going on.