Ancient Wars Return: The Oldest Depiction Of Ancient Egyptian Demons Found


What may be the oldest depiction of one of the most fearsome demons in ancient Egypt was recently discovered. The modern world is oblivious to the reality of spiritual warfare; even though every aspect of reality is manipulated by what goes on in the invisible. The depiction is a large bird with a black feline head, and was the guardian of a fiery gate which housed a “divine image.” Discovered on a 4,000-year-old leather roll, one of the three entities was discovered.

The other two are pictured as a dog-like baboon, and Chery-benut, depicted as unspecified figure with human head. They appear as guardians at the entrance of a complex building, possibly a temple, that contains several chambers guarded by other demonic entities.


“These three demons are already familiar to scholars from ancient texts. However, the depiction of two of them was unknown until now,” Sherbiny told Discovery News.

“The drawings show them in either a purely zoomorphic or anthropomorphic representation,” he added.

“The texts link this building to the moon god Thoth and the bark of the sun god,” Sherbiny said.

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Is it all a coincidence that the temple of baal was just recently brought back to life? What was to be displayed in London and New York by UNESCO will still be displayed. After much controversy, the resurrection of the temple of baal was to be postponed; however, the truth is that the show must go on. The arch of Palmyra will still be displayed, and it is the entrance-way to the temple of baal.

How does it connect? In reference above is the temple of baal and also in reference is the Egyptian demon ‘Ikenty’, which guarded the fiery gate. The texts discovered link the demon to Thoth (another name of baal) because both are depicted as the sun god.


It is all very strange timing, the timing of which is of importance due to the reality of the decisions being made by UNESCO for Temple Mount which plays a major role in prophecy. In the very near future Freedom Fighter Times will release a monstrous expose on what exactly UNESCO is, and how the organization is playing a key role in bringing about the End Times and a New World Order.

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