DNA Data Storage Officially Marks the Crossing of Biology and Technology

The lines of biology and technology are crossing at an alarming rate. New technology sets the stage for a total evolution in data storage, called DNA data storage. The purposes of DNA data storage are to keep information for longer periods of time and supposedly safer from nature.

The molecules of life store information from the beginning of time and will continue to store data until the end of time.

Tech companies are running into a problem; the problem is that in four years the amount of digital data will total 44-trillion gigabytes. That amounts to building six stacks of computer servers that would reach to the moon totaling out to roughly 229907.341 miles.

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The real question behind it all is what on earth are these data centers storing? Microsoft teamed up with researchers from the University of Washington to consult the problem of data storage, and in total it appears as though Microsoft is storing every byte of data from its users. The real question again is what on earth are they storing?

The delete button must not work when it comes to online data storage because that amount of data is insane. However, the problem persists with storage space, and with the world turning toward AI computing it’s time we all take a good hard look at what comes next.

Bill Gates on record stated that an Artificial Intelligence would be the brain, and the information it interpreted would be personal computers connected via the veins i.e. The Internet. With that kind of computing power and that amount of knowledge, the AI would change the world, and it would change it for the worse.

DNA data storage sets the stage for furthering the Biotechnology agenda, which is in turn playing a vital role in raising the beast system.

At the moment storing a MB of data in DNA encoding costs roughly $12,500, but in the very near future as technology advances on an exponential scale, that means that one step equates two or three steps. DNA hard drives will exist and computing will not be done through a personal computer but rather through a contact lens, or a virtual reality. While the natural human body is killed off the robotic body builds up. This is a totalitarian takeover using the methods of convenience as the weapon of attack.