Breaking! 6 more terror suspects on the loose according to Fox News


Given the recent false flag in Paris, it is quite unsettling that six of the terrorists are still on the loose in France. The truth is however, that the recent terrorist attack is a display of a false flag, meant to demonstrate terror. The attack on the Charlie Hebdo has a purpose and so far that purpose has been to place military on the streets.

France just deployed 10,000 troops to the city streets. “France is mobilizing 10,000 troops to boost security after last week’s deadly attacks, and will send thousands of police to protect Jewish schools.” BBC. However, with 6 more terrorists on the loose another attack is assuredly imminent. Is this a display of force, or a planned test to soon roll out the exact same terrorist threat all over the world? For one we know that ISIS has been created by Israel and the USA. ISIS made in the USA. For two, we know that the US is planning to lock down America under Martial Law and the only question that remains is how are they planning to get us there?


Given the recent attack in Paris, and the threat made on law enforcement in America all sides are worried about an ISIS/Jihadist attack. However we must all remember who didn’t show up to the solidarity meeting in France today and that was President Obama. Previously Obama has bowed to the Saudi Kings, these Kings also just screwed the entire global economy, and the only conclusion that can be drawn from the two acts of blatant servitude is that Obama is a Muslim or he works for them.

Although he claims to have a Christian faith, day by day people begin to see that he is nothing but a fraud. However, what people fail to see is the plan behind it all and that is ultimate control over the American populace directly after Obama has done the dirty deeds for the people he works for.

The people Obama works are not Muslim, they hide in the shadows of the world and are called the secret government. This government has also helped create the ISIS regime and all other large associated terrorist groups. These individuals have an agenda and this agenda is to bring about a New World Order.


In the bringing about of this New World Order, one step of that plan is martial law. Martial Law can be brought out by many different ways and the most blaringly obvious way is continual terrorist attacks. Which in the coming days will become more common.

How can these groups become so powerful when they came from absolutely nothing until they hit mainstream news? It’s simple, they have been created by the US government. Back in 2013, the US was funding these terrorists through Syria, the training of the rebels which lead to ISIS, which also lead to the bringing about of the terrorist cells being funded and trained in Jordan. –WND

Now for the kicker…. The French President says that the Illuminati is responsible for attacking Charlie Hebdo, please watch the video below!

What on earth is going on? The illuminati is out in full swing and is also responsible for attacking Charlie Hebdo? Since when does the illuminati actually publish their attacks? They have for years, many just have not noticed. Time and time again their finger prints have been over such events but these day and age those fingerprints are becoming more, and more blatant. This is not the first thing that France has spoken out about, the first thing was the climate chaos day set for September 24th 2015, and now this. The illuminati is responsible for the attacks in recent days.

Well, things are getting a little more out in the open, which only means that the time is closing in for the big one.