CEO’s Who Opposed Leaving Climate Accord, Also Funded Lobbyists To Push Withdrawal From Paris Agreement

The corporations praised for their opposition to Trump’s exit from the Climate Change Agreement also funded lobbyists who pushed Trump to withdrawal from the agreement.

Business executives and CEO’s from companies like Dow Chemical and Corning Inc., among other business leaders, were praised by the international community for their ‘fight’ to sway President Trump to remain in the Climate Change agreement, but in reality, they played both sides.

Andrew N. Liveris, the chief executive of Dow, said in an initial statement that he was “disappointed” with Trump’s decision. “Leaders don’t leave tables,” he later said, “Leaders stay.” Corning chief Wendell Weeks was also among the signatories for the Paris Accord, in a letter posted on the WSJ, the executives exclaimed that they “express their strong support for the U.S. remaining in the Paris Climate Agreement.”

However, both of the corporations support a company that lobbied to have Trump withdrawal from the Climate Accord; The Industrial Energy Consumers of America, a trade group that lobbies on behalf of industry petitioned the administration to consider ditching the Paris accord.