Common Drag Queen Story Hour Book Teaches Luciferianism


Popping up across America are Drag Queen Story Hours with deviant Drag Queens who are reading stories to children, claiming the literature to be stories full of “love, tolerance and acceptance”.



Some of these stories such as “Jacob’s New Dress” tells of a boy who wants to wear a dress to school even though his parents said no. He guilted his mom into making him a dress by crying and acting as though he couldn’t breathe, until she said yes. Jacob does not “love” himself in boy clothes.

@Sarah Hoffman

A story called “I am Jazz” is about a boy named Jaron who dresses like a girl at home because he does not feel like a boy. His parents told him he could not wear dresses in public, but he persisted against his parents wishes. Jaron changed his name to Jazz and wore dresses. Jazz does not “tolerate” himself as the boy God created him to be. 

@Jaron Jennings

Another story called “10,000 Dresses” is a story that shows illustrations of a boy named Bailey but refers to him as “her\she”. This young boy dreams about dresses. He asks his mother, father and brother to help him make one. His family explains to him that he is a boy, he will always be and that boys do not wear dresses. They do not make a dress for him so he runs away from his home. Bailey then goes behind his parents back and has someone else make a dress for him to wear. Bailey does not “accept” the fact that boys do not wear dresses and he does not “accept” the fact that his parents told him no.

@Marcus Ewert

One of the most disturbing books however is one called “Jabuti the Tortoise”. Below is the book summary.

Anyone who understands the demonic spiritual nature behind these “Drag Queen Story Hour” events will understand exactly why this book has been chosen. Just as Lucifer (Satan) was a beautiful musician in Heaven (Ezekiel 28:13-14), Jabuti plays his sweet tunes on his flute in the Amazon. Just as Satan tricks and deceives mankind(2 Corinthians 11:3), Jabuti tricks and deceives the other animals around him. In the book summary above it tells of how Jabuti falls from grace, exactly like Lucifer did (Ezekiel 28:16-17). However the ending to this story is not at all the truth of how the real King of Heaven sees a sinner. In the book, the “King Of Heaven” wanted Jabuti the deceiver in “Heaven” to perform for him. Jabuti the Tortoise has a happy ending, unlike Satan who will be cast into the lake of fire for his actions.

You have to ask yourself, why would Drag Queen’s want to read this book to children? Why would a Drag Queen want to teach a child that they will be rewarded when they deceive people?